The California Trip

Okay, remember when I said the hardest thing about writing these stories was finding a topic and making it interesting to read? Well, this story might test those limits. Let’s start with the title. I remember back when people would share their vacation stories with a slide projector. Now, they just use Social Media. (Remember last week’s story Social Media-It is?) So, to make sure I don’t lose any readers, I will try and keep this short and to the point.

   The reason for my trip was to attend the wedding of my good friend and old boss Dave Tiegen. He was one of the best guys I have ever worked for and was responsible for getting Shannon and I the trip to Rome. He sent me the invitation in early December, and I immediately replied that I would attend.

   While I was attending a dealer convention in late January, Dave called and asked if I still planned on attending the wedding. I told him I was looking forward to it and couldn’t wait. Then Dave said “The other reason I called was to see if you’d be interested in a job as Parts Manager of the Bobcat store in Reno.” I was a little surprised at first, and told him I was still interested in getting my training program going. We talked a little more and I said I might want a few more details, but if he found a good candidate for the job, to go ahead and hire them. “Why don’t you think a little more about it and we can talk when you come down to the wedding. I’m not going to hire anyone until we can talk” Dave replied.

   Now I know you are all just dying to hear about the wedding. The wedding was on a very elegant yacht. They ceremony was very heart warming and you could just tell they were meant for each other. After the ceremony was over, we left the harbor in Sausalito, and went around the Bay area. We got to go under the Golden Gate bridge and see Alcatraz. The weather was perfect, and the food was terrific. I met a lot of very nice people and the entire occasion was an experience I’ll always remember. I had made the decision to tell Dave I was interested in the job, but wasn’t sure when would be the right time to talk to him. I mean, how do you start that conversation? “Congratulations Dave, now tell me more about the job offer.”

   Eventually, Dave came up and asked me if I had thought more about the job. I told him I am very interested and he said he would contact me later so we could talk about it. Dave said he wanted to introduce me to someone. He was a representative from Bobcat, and Dave introduced me by saying “Blake, this is Shane Wilker, the guy I was telling you about. Blake shook my hand and said “I’ve heard a lot about you. I hope you decide to be part of our team.” I must admit, I was a little shocked, but extremely honored to hear that.

   So, my trip to California turned out very positive. We are still working out the details to see if this opportunity is a good fit for me and for the dealership. I will say I’m excited for a new challenge and opportunity, but it will be hard to move away from my family and the wonderful friends I have, even if it’s just for a short while. But I know whatever path I take, I’ll have my Angel Shannon to guide me. I will always LOVE AND MISS YOU sweetheart.

Next week: The Conference Call

P.S. Someone told me I should have taken the tour of Alcatraz. “If they want me, they’ll have to come and get me” was my reply.