The Last Night at the Chukars 2017

   Last Saturday was the last night I could have my booth for the Foundation at the Chukars game. I want to thank Kevin Greene, and all his staff for their help and hospitality. I also want to thank Fred Meyer for the opportunity of having my booth there twice this year. They are responsible for all non-profit organizations to have a booth at the Chukars games without charge. I encourage you to support them for all the wonderful things they are doing to help our community.

   I had taken down my Mini-Golf challenge, along with the sign I had made thanks to Justin’s great idea. (Remember “Where’s your sign?”) You don’t? It was in the “Foundation Night at the Chukars” story posted on August 4th. It’s a good thing there wasn’t a pop quiz! As soon as I arrived, I went in the office to find out where they wanted me to set up. When I looked at the spot for my table, there wasn’t room for the Mini-Golf Challenge. I was disappointed for about 5 seconds until I realized how much work I was getting out of.

   It was a great night for raffle ticket sales and meeting new people. I really enjoy it when they look at Shannon’s picture on the banner and say, “She’s beautiful!” It’s like I have always said about being married to her. “I was in first class with a ticket for coach.”

   Whenever I have my booth at the games, they give me free tickets. I had offered them to the guys at basketball, but they all had prior commitments. I hated to see them go to waste, so on my way home from basketball I was trying to think who I could give them to. As I pulled in to my cul-de-sac, the answer was right in front of me. A young couple with three kids had just moved into the house next to me. You could tell by their vehicles they were on a pretty tight budget, and taking their kids to a Chukars game would probably never happen. I walked over and knocked on the door. One of the boys answered and I asked him if their Mom or Dad was there. When the Mom came to the door, I asked her “Would you guys be interested in going to a Chukars game?” She paused, and said “Oh maybe, I’m not sure.” I could tell she thought I was trying to sell her tickets. I quickly said, “The reason I ask, is I have a booth down there tonight, and I have free tickets if you want them.” The look on the kids faces was like Ralphie’s in a Christmas Story when he saw the BB gun. The Mom pointed to the oldest boy and said, “He’s been wanting to go to one all summer.” I gave her the tickets, and they all thanked me. I will take a small portion of the credit, but I know Shannon was guiding me. I know that’s who she wanted me to give the tickets to.

   The fun part was the Shannon Wilker Tootsie Roll Toss. It’s a blast to throw a big handful of colored tootsie rolls into the air, and watch them rain down on the crowd. I had Cassidy, and my adopted granddaughter Kaymbrie Patterson throw tootsie rolls out to the reserved section. I looked over and saw them in their Shannon Wilker Foundation shirts, and it brought tears to my eyes. I know Shannon is so proud of these two wonderful young ladies, and how special they are to her. I am blessed to have them help keep her memory alive. We will always LOVE AND MISS YOU sweetheart.

Next week: It’s Fair Time! Again!

P.S. This Pop Quiz thing is still in my head. Maybe you should study.