Skyline Homecoming

   If you are one of my regular readers, (Thank you for reading!) you’re aware I have a part-time job as a Limo Driver. This week’s story is about one of the perks of this job.

   I have been driving for about a month now, and only received my official CDL license last Wednesday. This allows me to drive the stretch Hummer which can fit up to 22 people. The moment I decided to take this job, my first thought was how fun it would be to take Cassidy and the adopted Granddaughters to an event. I knew I would have to work there for a while before I dared asked how much it would cost.

   Last Monday, Cassidy sent me a text asking if I wanted to take her dress shopping for Homecoming. I agreed to meet her, Faith, and Maira at Dillard’s. They sent me a text telling me they were upstairs at Dillard’s. Now, my first instinct was to text her and ask her exactly where they are, but I’m a guy and we never ask for directions. That will get your Man card taken away. I walked passed the area with the formal dresses, but didn’t see them. I made a trip through the women’s clothes, and through the junior section, but still couldn’t find them. I sent Cassidy a text asking them where they were at. I’m smart enough not to be the man wandering alone through the women’s clothes section. Cassidy replied they were in the formal dress section. You know, the first section I went to. Of course, they would have been in the dressing rooms the first time I walked by.

   Cassidy picked out a beautiful dress, and they were talking about how much fun going to Homecoming would be. My G-Pa senses kicked in. “I’m not sure what kind of chance I would have, but I should see if my boss would let me pick you guys up in a Limo” I said. They were excited about that, and said “That would be awesome!” I didn’t want to get their hopes up too much in case I couldn’t do it. I told them “I haven’t been driving very long, so I’m not sure it’s even possible, but I’ll check with him.”

   The guy who owns the business has always nice to me. He called me on Wednesday and asked if I could drive for an event in Blackfoot Saturday afternoon. “I’d be glad to” I replied. Then I summoned up the nerve to ask him. “It’s Skyline’s Homecoming Saturday night, and my Granddaughter and her friends are all going. How much would you charge me to pick them up in one of the Limo’s?” I asked. Without any hesitation, he responded with, “Go ahead, just put some fuel in when you’re done.” I was so happy I could tell them. “How many are there going?” he asked me. “I think there will be about 12, so I was thinking about taking the Excursion if that’s okay” I replied. “No, take the Hummer. It’s a lot nicer and they’ll have a lot better time” he said. “I thanked him, and told him how much I appreciated him letting me take it. “This will gain me some serious Grandpa Points!” I told him.

   I picked the girls up, and they were so excited! I drove them around town for a little while before taking them to the dance. They turned up the radio as loud as they could. I will never forget the big smiles on their faces as they sang to the music on the radio. Of course, we drove by Idaho Falls High School just because. We pulled up to the dance, and it was so fun to see the looks on everyone’s face as I opened the door, and the girls got out. I could tell the girls were on cloud nine, and so was I. They all thanked me, and we got a picture of them standing with me by the Limo.

   After a couple of hours, Cassidy texted me and said they were ready for me to pick them up. They came out with great big smiles on their faces. I dropped them off at Maira’s house, and as they got out of the Limo, they all thanked me for a great evening. Some of them came up and gave me a group hug. Then, Cassidy gave me a big hug, and told me how grateful she was for everything I do for her. “I’m happy I get to spend time with you. Your Grandma and I are so proud of you and we Love You so much!” I told her. I could feel the warmth and love of Shannon so strong.

I drove off with happy tears in my eyes, and the knowledge that Shannon had a big smile on her face. I will always LOVE AND MISS YOU sweetheart.

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P.S. Before I drove off, this is what I told the girls. “Okay, here’s what I get out of this. when all of you become successful, and I know you all will, I can say, “I got to take them to Homecoming in a Limo!”

P.P.S. After all, shouldn’t everything be about me!