Goodbye 2017

   I’ve had some very wonderful and exciting events happen to me this year, so I would like to give you the top five.

  1. The Granddaughter Team

   Okay, who knows what the Granddaughter Team is? Very good! The Granddaughter Team is some of Cassidy’s best friends. I met most of them when I was fortunate enough to chauffer them to different school events. They are an exceptional group of young ladies, and I am so proud of the friendship and support they give each other. It was fun to get them SWF t-shirts that said Honorary Granddaughter on the back, and have them help throw candy out to the crowd at the Chukars games. But the best time was taking them to Skyline’s Homecoming in the Limo. (I scored some serious G-Pa points that night for sure!)

  1. Ironman

   It was so fun for us to go support Ryan in this race. I enjoyed the drive up, because it reminded me of the times Shannon and I drove to some of Ryan’s earlier races. I especially enjoy watching Justin and Cassidy cheer Ryan on. I can feel the strength of our family bond, and I know Shannon is so happy watching over all of us.

  1. Mountain River Ranch

   Shannon and I started taking the boys to this a long time ago, and it will always be one of our Christmas traditions. If you haven’t been to the winter show, they divide the crowd into three groups, and they make each group sing for their supper. The group that does the best, gets to eat first. So, each year I always take something to bribe them with. This year, I took SWF sweatshirts. They took time to tell the crowd how the Foundation does great work, and to check it out. That meant so much to all of us. Oh yeah, my other tradition is to embarrass everyone while we are there. Mission accomplished!

  1. Solar Eclipse

   It was quite an experience to process all the hype leading up to the eclipse. There wasn’t going to be any cell phone service, and Idaho Falls was going to run out of food. The hospital expected an increased number of emergency room incidents, so I spent a couple of extra shifts volunteering. The day of the eclipse, there was some traffic congestion, but everything else didn’t seem to cause much of an inconvenience. The best thing about the eclipse, is the fact it gave us a chance to spend some more time with Ryan and Heather. We all got to watch it out at Justin’s and it was definitely a once in a lifetime experience.

  1. SWF Night Out

   By far, this was the best event of 2017. I want to thank all the terrific people, who helped put this together. I was blessed to meet some wonderful, inspiring people, and I still feel so blessed and rewarded. I am looking forward to more events like this in 2018. One of the best things about this event, is it helped me regain the proper perspective. Any of the disappointing things I had been worrying about went away.

   So, there are my top five events. What was your favorite? What are you looking forward to in 2018? I wish all of you a safe, and wonderful New Year! I know my Angel Shannon will be there to guide me. I will always LOVE AND MISS YOU sweetheart!

P.S. Embarrassing my family isn’t just a tradition, it’s also a New Year’s Resolution.