Crusade Against Cancer Highlights

  When I first came up with the concept of a Superhero themed race as a fundraiser, Ryan said “There’s quite a bit of work that goes into putting on one of those races.” I wasn’t really sure how much work he was talking about until now. Once again, I was reminded “Always listen to your sons!”

   After talking to some people who had done one of these before, my initial goal was 100 participants. I felt like that would be enough to call my first one a success. The final count was 177. I am so happy with that kind of support.

   I have so many people and businesses to thank for helping make this all come together. I especially need to thank the fantastic volunteers who worked tirelessly the whole time. This entire event was a success because of these selfless, giving people.

   There were so many wonderful things I noticed so it’s hard to decide which one’s to write about. I think one of the main ones was to see all the families together dressed as Superheroes. The little kids looked especially cute! I am all about building memories, so it was nice to see them build a great memory together. I expect them to keep building this memory every year now!

   I am so grateful for the Idaho State Police for coming down and showing their support. We are all grateful for the endless hours and sacrifices they make to keep us safe. It was an honor to have them be part of this event. Captain Steve Davis gave a very inspiring and moving speech to the crowd.

   I also want to thank Mayor Casper for taking time in her extremely busy schedule to come down and be one of the Judges for the costume contest. She addressed the crowd and thanked them for their support. She said she was happy to be part of an event that was so fun, but also addressed such a serious issue with the community. To have her be a big part of this event gives the Foundation more credibility of the work we do.

   The most touching and memorable part of the event was a cancer patient that came up to thank me for what I’m doing. We talked about some of the treatment they are going through. It was very emotional, and we both started to tear up as we talked. It reminded me just how strong these people are.

   So, this was my first race event, and there is definitely a learning curve. There are things I will do differently next year to make it even bigger and better. But to see so many people come together to have a good time and support the Foundation is something that I know put a big smile on my Angel Shannon’s face. I will always LOVE AND MISS YOU sweetheart.

Next week: Holiday Inn Express story

P.S. I found out I don’t have any more power as Star Lord than I do as myself.