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Raffle Prize Winners

By on November 14, 2018 in Events | 0 comments

Congratulations to all the winners for the raffle prizes.

Congratulations to Carmen McKellar – Grand Prize IPAD winner.

Prize                                        Name

IPAD                                  Carmen McKellar

Mountain River               Bob Stoddart

Firehouse                          Steve Longhurst

Golds Gym 3 mo.             Kelly Nebeker

Golds Gym 3 mo.             Kara Herschi

Golds Gym 30 min.         Danielle Hill

Golds Gym 30 min.         Mady Young

Dixies Diner                      James Cook

Geraldine’s                        Connie Burley

Aladdin Floral                   Susan Bower

SR Rapid Wash                 Sharina Cluff

Java Express                      Tia Farrens

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