SWF Night Out 2018

Before I write about how amazing these nights were, I want to thank the business’s that made it all possible. I need to thank Michael Dalessi and Black Night Limousine, Hart’s Tux and Gowns, Austin Kade Academy, Dixie’s Diner, Kool Beanz Café, Laneige Bridal, The Sandpiper Restaurant, and Blue Wave Productions. I also need to thank everyone that volunteered to help serve. A big thank you to; Chelsea Jensen, Todd and Leisa Brown, Marjorie Lusk, April Clark, Lora Stanger, Tony Eckman, Rick and Cynthia from TCI, and Jake and the staff at Kool Beanz. Everybody did such an incredible job and I want you to know how grateful I am for everything.

   It was so nice to see everyone in their beautiful gowns and tuxedos. The men looked quite debonair in their tuxedos, and words cannot describe how beautiful and gorgeous all the women looked. I picked everyone up and we headed to the café. When we arrived, the food was all setup and ready. I told everyone to get their dinner, and then I wanted to tell them about the Foundation and how we help. I told them I started the Foundation as a way of keeping my Angel Shannon’s memory alive. Then I explained how all the money goes directly to cancer patients. “I wanted to make sure the money gets to the people that need the help. The main purpose of this night is to allow you to make and have a special memory with the one you love. Because in the big picture of life, memories of the people you love are the only things that matter,” I said.

   During dinner, I had people come up and tell me how grateful they were to be included in the event. They explained how much they looked forward to being able to do this. I told them it is such a rewarding thing to do, and how much it fills my heart to be able to do it. As they were finishing up with dinner, I told them I wanted to get a picture with each couple and then a group shot. “You are required to take a picture with me. You didn’t think this dinner was free did you?” I said. After we had the pictures taken, I got everyone’s attention and said “I just have one more thing I want to say before we leave to go look at the Christmas lights. Everyone has thanked me for putting this event together, but I want everyone to know that when Shannon passed away, I realized that I needed to be the kind of man she is proud of. I know this is something that makes her proud and I feel like I get much more out of it than you do. So thank you for being a part of this.”

   There were so many things about these events to cherish, but I think seeing the smiles on their faces, and the love in their eyes was the best. I know it was something that made my Angel Shannon happy also. I will always LOVE AND MISS YOU sweetheart.

Next week: It’s almost Christmas!

P.S. This event also had two of the things I love the most. Free food and a captive audience.