A Special Limo Ride

   This story begins on the first Shannon Wilker Night Out event in December. I was talking with one of the cancer patients named Anna Long. I asked her where she works and she told me she works at Promontory Point. She told me they provide grief counseling to a group of kids ages 6-13 that have lost a parent. She explained how she helps with counseling and different activities. I told her I admired her strength and compassion. “I would like to do something fun for them,” I told her. “What if I could borrow a limo and we could pick them up and take them out for ice cream?” I asked her. “They would love that!” Anna replied.

I called Michael and told him what I wanted to do, and asked if I could borrow a limo. Michael is always so generous for things like this and told me that would be fine. I must tell you he has done so much for so many worthy causes for our community. Thank you again Michael for everything you have done for the Foundation.
We decided Friday, January 18 would be the best day to pick the kids up. Anna put together a great plan for the evening. I picked the kids up at Promontory Point and then we took them to Zurcher’s so they could all buy a balloon. Then we took them to Community Park so they could write a note to their loved one, put it on their balloon and let it go. It was such an emotional and touching moment for all of us. I know without a doubt, their loved ones were filled with so much warmth and love.

From there we were off to Reed’s for ice cream. I pulled the limo by the side of the building, and let everyone out. After everyone had left the limo, I headed towards the door. I noticed two of the older boys holding the doors open for the rest of the group. I admired how polite and well-mannered they were. One of the boys was Anna’s son Gavin. He told me and his Mom that he and the other boy were having a contest to see who could be the nicest. Then he said in a very mature way, “I’m going to let him win the contest. That way I will be the nicest.” “That is some top level thinking Gavin,” I told him. The kids finished their ice cream and we headed back to Promontory Point. As they got out of the limo, every one of them had a huge smile on their face and thanked me for everything. I told them I really enjoyed it and was so happy to meet them.

As I drove home, all I could think about is how strong and inspirational these kids are. It was another example of the benefits and rewards the Foundation allows me to experience. I know my Angel Shannon is very proud of these kids also. I will always LOVE AND MISS YOU sweetheart.

Next week: New opportunity

P.S. Another great things for these kids: The fact they were able to be escorted by the World’s Best Limo Driver.