Press Release

As promised last week, the title of this week’s story is Press Release. So, we will continue with the release.

   The story that was originally going to be about the press release detailing the partnership of FWEDA and THE TRAINING A.S.P.E.C.T. has been changed. Instead, it will be about a milestone birthday for an amazing granddaughter instead.


   It is hard to believe our sweet granddaughter Cassidy turned 18 on Friday. It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago she was riding in her little car seat in the back of the car with Shannon. This has caused me to reflect on all the great times we shared with her growing up.

   Some of you have already read or heard some of my favorite Cassidy stories. “The Baby Dolls”, “The Piñata” and “Hide and Seek” are probably the top three. Just a little side note about the Hide and Seek story. Only Cassidy and Shannon would encompass squirt guns into a game of Hide and Seek. I know, I feel sorry for me also.

   Now I could go on and on with more Cassidy stories, but I acknowledge that would make this story substantially longer than usual and you need to go to work tomorrow. Instead, I would like to tell you about a simple discovery I made the other day and the impact it had on me.

   About a week ago, I was going through some of the plastic storage containers downstairs. I came across a notepad that Shannon and Cassidy had used to write notes back and forth to each other. When I started reading them, it reminded me just how special their relationship was. Shannon was always so great with her and they had such a close and special bond.

   I will admit that I thought about how unfair it is that Shannon couldn’t be here to celebrate her birthday. I thought about how she should still be here for Cassidy. But then a feeling of warmth and understanding fell over me. I realized she has always been there for Cassidy. I realized she is still watching over her and guiding her with love and strength every day. I understand the bond they have together will never go away.

   I want wish Cassidy a Happy Birthday and let her know how proud Shannon and I are of her and how much we love her. I want to tell my family how grateful I am for all the love and strength they give me, and that our Angel Shannon is watching over all of us. Our bond with her will always be there. We will always LOVE AND MISS YOU sweetheart.

Next week: Press Release Take 2

P.S. One thing that Cassidy and Shannon were extremely good at was teaming up against me. See, I do have a purpose.