Idaho Falls Chukars 2019

   I would like to start by thanking Kevin Greene and the entire Chukars staff for letting me have a booth for my Foundation at the games. They have always been so helpful and supportive. I also need to thank Kristy and Sydney Young for the beautiful bracelets and earrings they make for the Foundation. They have been a huge success!
I have always enjoyed having a booth at the Chukars games. It has allowed me to raise a little bit of money, but the biggest benefit has been the ability to meet new people and let them know about the Foundation. It has given me the opportunity to explain our mission to help cancer patients and their families. I also enjoy getting to see some of old friends and acquaintances. It has also allowed some strange interactions as well.

   Last Saturday, I watched as two ladies and a young girl were walking by my booth. The young girl stopped and came over. When she walked up, I noticed she was a special needs young lady. She picked up one of the bracelets and was looking quite intently at it. Then she looked at me as she put it on her wrist. I smiled at her and said, “It’s okay, you can have it.” She gave me a big smile. At that point, the two older ladies walked over to the booth. Now, I was expecting them to offer to pay for the bracelet, or at least say thank you. I didn’t expect both of them to each grab a bracelet and walk away. This will be hard to believe, but I was speechless. I was in so much disbelief I couldn’t find the words to respond.

   I am happy to say the rest of the night was so much fun and rewarding. Thanks to the bracelets and earrings, I raised more money than I ever have at a Chukars game. I was able to talk to some of my good friends that I hadn’t seen in a while and catch up. I met some wonderful people and we had some great conversations about the Foundation.

   One of the best things of the entire evening happened when a young man and his grandpa came up to the table. I knew I had met him before but couldn’t place where. “Do you remember me?” he asked. Before I could respond he told me his name, and then I remembered where I knew him from. His Mom was one of the ladies that went on the first Night Out limo event. Last summer she was having a birthday party for this young man, and I was honored to be able to supply the pizza and birthday cake for the event. “I can’t believe how much taller you gotten,” I told him as we shook hands. I asked him how his Mom was doing, and he said she was doing okay. The Grandpa thanked me for my help and told me how much he admired what the Foundation is doing for the community. I told him I was grateful for everyone that has donated. “They are the reason I am able to help people,” I responded. These are the times that are priceless to me. I am grateful for all your support and help. Thanks for reading.

Next week: Make-A-Wish #3

P.S. I am counting the free bracelets as my good deed for the week. That should offset some of the fouls at basketball.