Dealer Conventions 2019

I returned home Wednesday night from two very exciting and rewarding Equipment Dealer Association conventions. There were so many great experiences that it was hard to choose which ones to write about.

   Let’s begin with the Far West Convention in Phoenix. To start with, the main thing that makes this one special is the opportunity I have to stay with and spend time with Quinn, Kellie, Easton, Azme, and Boston. (AKA my Arizona Peeps!) I can’t express my gratitude and appreciation enough for their kindness and warm hospitality.

   Next I want to tell you about two of the convention speakers I had the privilege to talk to. On the first night at the social event, I was sitting alone at a table when a lady came over with her Mom and teenage daughter. She asked if they could sit with me and I told her I would enjoy some company. She told me her name was Niki Schwan and she was one of the speakers. She is famous for helping celebrities and companies nationwide develop their fashion style and brand. We had a very nice talk about business and how the goal must always focus on doing whatever you can to help someone, not how much money you can make.

   Another one of the speakers was Ron Nilson. He told us he didn’t get the best grades in school and was kicked out six times. He explained his childhood was pretty rough, and the thing that turned his life around was his faith in God. He is now the founder and CEO of Ground Force Worldwide and they sell huge mining equipment all over the world. We had a very nice talk about how faith in God is what helps us through our struggles.

   When I arrived in North Dakota for the Pioneer Equipment Dealers Association convention, I shared the hotel shuttle with Wayne Lee. He is a hypnotist from Canada and the entertainment for Monday night. He told me how he talks about using positive messages in his performance to help people succeed. We became fast friends, and I gave him a copy of my book.

   On Monday morning at breakfast, I sat at a table with Todd Cohen. He was doing a seminar at the same time I was doing mine. We immediately started giving each other a hard time about who was going to have the best seminar. We spent the day joking around with each other. We also had some great conversations about our experiences and journeys through life. We talked about how we could help promote each other and work together. I thoroughly enjoyed our conversations.

   I am always grateful for the opportunity to meet the amazing people I have at these events. It reinforces my belief that we meet the people in our lives when we are meant to meet them. Thanks for reading.

Next week: INL Dinner

P.S. I am going to suggest they reverse the order next year. It would be better for me to go to North Dakota first and then to Phoenix. After all, isn’t it all about me anyway?