A Special Birthday Wish

   This week I want to send a very special birthday wish to a very exceptional person in my life, my sister Patty. And I will start by saying she is so wonderful, and I respect her so much that I didn’t identify her as my older sister.

When we were growing up, Patty was always very responsible. To point this out I will tell you a famous family story that has survived decades. My older sister Pam, older brother Wade, and I had gotten into trouble with our Dad (a frequent place for us). We were downstairs talking about how unfair our Dad was and we started to imitate him yelling at us. We started laughing and that was the wrong thing to do. He must had heard us and shouted for all of us kids to come upstairs into the living room. In specific Max Wilker language, he emphatically explained how our behavior was unacceptable. He continued with his reprimand, but I’m pretty sure all Pam, Wade, and I heard was blah, blah, blah. After he finished Patty said, (without actually being in trouble) “We’ve all been so terrible!” Dad pointed at Patty and said, “Right there! That’s the only one with a brain in her head.” Needless to say we have kept this alive and it’s a common catch phrase we use a lot when we get together.

Patty is a terrific Mom. Patty has four boys and all of them are exceptional and successful young men. I have watched them grow up from the time they were little into great husbands and fathers. I should point out a lot of that credit is due to the fact they followed my lead and married way out of their league! One of the things I admire the most about them, is the family bond they have together. Patty has done a terrific job of helping them understand the importance of family and the blessings it can give you. I also respect her faith and testimony, and how she has helped them build theirs.

Patty has many amazing qualities, but the one I will always be grateful for is she is always there when you need her. I remember growing up it didn’t matter what I was dealing with, she was always there with a reassuring comment or thought. She always made me feel that everything was going to be okay. When Shannon left for her next chapter, Patty called me every night. Like a lot of things in my life, I didn’t realize at the time how much I needed it and how much of a blessing it was to me.

I know I speak for all of my siblings when I say how grateful we are for all of the loving care she gave our Mom. Patty has always been a selfless and compassionate care giver and there’s no better example of that than how she took care of Mom. Patty made countless trips from Salt Lake to Mom’s house. In the last few years, she would go frequently to help her out with her needs, and sometimes just to spend some valuable time with her. In the last few weeks of Mom’s life, Patty arranged to take as much time off from her work as she needed to stay with Mom. Patty told me she made a promise to Mom she would make sure she could stay in her house, and that’s exactly what she did. That is one of the many attributes of my wonderful sister that makes me so proud of her.

Patty, I want to thank you for everything you have done for your family, friends, community, and especially me. I hope you had a terrific birthday. Thanks for reading.

Next week: Snow DaysP.S. Patty, I think the reason you’re so much better than me is the fact you will always be “older” than me. Just saying.