Happy 19th Birthday Cassidy

Happy 19th Birthday Cassidy

Let’s start by addressing the self-quarantine situation we are dealing with. I realize this is an adjustment for a lot of people. I grew up on a cattle ranch with not many neighbors, so let me offer you some free tips.

Social Distancing:
This was already built in at the Wilker Ranch, or as us kids called it “The Wilker Prison Farm.” So a little poem to help you.
Don’t be a brat and sit and pout, Stay at home and don’t go out.
Don’t call a doctor or ask for a nurse, Remind yourself it could be worse.
Just tell yourself it won’t take long, Play some games or sing a song.
Wash your hands don’t touch your face, And enjoy your break from the crazy rat race.

Boredom: One of the games we played was “Car, Hide!” This is easy. Whenever you heard a car coming, you would duck behind the nearest cover until they went by. So simply change it to, “Person, Hide!” (Rule #1 You can’t use another person for cover.)

Toilet Paper
For some reason this has jumped to the top of the necessity list for many. I will let you in on a little secret. When you’re working on the ranch and you’re far from the house, you will find something to use for toilet paper. And you might be a redneck when you can immediately identify the leaves/items that work the best. My advice; Get creative.

Okay, now to this week’s topic. I would like to wish Cassidy a very Happy Nineteenth Birthday! It’s hard to believe that little girl riding in the back in her car seat is Nineteen today. I want her to know how proud we are of her and we know she is going to achieve great things in her life. I look back on all the fun things we did and the memories we made. I remember playing with Polly Pocket dolls, playing Hide-And-Seek, and riding bikes. These are memories I will keep and cherish always.

It would be easy for me to be discouraged in the middle of this situation because it has suspended the progress I am making with my business. But I understand there is nothing I can do to control that, so I will be grateful it’s Cassidy’s birthday and for my family. I will be grateful for the love and support I receive from all of you. I realize this is only temporary, and when life does get back to normal, I will try and remember to appreciate all the little things I took for granted. You know, like toilet paper. Please be safe and healthy, and thanks for reading.

Next week: Happy Easter 2020

P.S. If you get really bored, you can call me, and I will tell you a Cassidy story. I’ve got a million of them.