He’s Back! WBLD

He’s Back! WBLD

Well my friends, it seems like even the Covid-19 Apocalypse can’s stop requests for the “World’s Best Limo Driver!” This week’s story is about a few extremely lucky groups that were privileged enough to enjoy my awesomeness!
The first group was a young family from Shelley. When I asked them what the special occasion was, they told me they just wanted to get out of the house. “We have been cooped up for so long and we want do something fun with the kids,” they told me. “So this is a quarantine breakout,” I said. “Exactly!” the dad replied. Their 4 kids were completely adorable. They told me the were going to Olive Garden and all the way in they were playing games together and laughing. It was so heartwarming to listen to them have such a good time together.

The next event was a family celebrating their daughter graduating from Thunder Ridge. They were going to pick up take-out from Olive Garden and asked if I could take them someplace they could go to eat it. I knew the perfect place and took them there. On a separate note, if you ever order take-out from Olive Garden, make sure they put utensils in the bag. This is the third time I am aware of they didn’t put utensils with the meal. The Dad came and asked me if there were any in the limo. I told him we didn’t, but that I would go pick some up. (WBLD to the rescue again!) On our way out of the park, there were a group of young adults heading to play frisbee golf. They all started waving at the shouting at the limo “Hey, give us a ride!” I rolled down the window and said, “Free limo ride to the winner!” One of the young men yelled back, “We’re all winners!”

The next two events were two different styles of High School graduation. The first one for Highland High School was a parade type event where we drove through the neighborhoods and then to the High School where the kids got their diplomas handed to them through the window of the limo. It was fascinating to see the ingenuity and the creativity of the decorations on all the vehicles. The next event was for Rigby High School and it was held at the Motor-Vu drive-in theater. There was a large turn out and one of the teachers directing traffic was a young man I had in scouts. We had a good time catching up and it was a really nice ceremony. All the students graduating were really polite and good kids. I am proud to live in a community with such great young adults and future leaders of our country.

Now I’m sure this wasn’t the type of graduation ceremonies these kids thought they were going to have when they started their senior year. But I think it proves a valuable life lesson. Instead of complaining about what can’t happen, find something you can make happen and have fun with it. I know I can apply this life lesson to many other aspects of my life. It was an honor to be able to be part of their celebration and see the pride and happiness on the faces of their parents. Thanks for reading.

Next week: Special tribute to Mom

P.S. When the young man yelled “We’re all winners!” aren’t you proud I didn’t ask them to show me their participation trophies?