Pick Me Up Drink Fundraiser

Pick Me Up Drink Fundraiser

   To begin this story, I need to give you some background on Pick Me Up Drinks. I first noticed them when they opened their business right down the street from me behind Edwards Theater. It was a small drive through business where people could get mixed soda drinks and delicious cookies. As soon as it opened, there was always a long line of cars waiting to get their “Pick Me Up!” It was impressive to see a small business do so well. Since then, they have opened three other locations, and are looking to open at least two more in the surrounding communities.

   I received a call from the owner Amy a couple of weeks ago and she told me about a Fundraiser they were going to do. She said for the entire month of October, they were going to donate a portion of all the proceeds to the Foundation. “My mother is a breast cancer survivor, so this is something that is very close to my heart,” she said. “We heard about your Foundation and love the fact that the money goes directly to patients,” she told me. We talked a little more about the fundraiser and how we could find patients to give the donations to.

   I had invited Amy to come to the Run for the Cure event last weekend, but she was busy trying to get everything together for the fundraiser. She explained that Mountain View Hospital wanted to get involved and offer discount mammogram coupons at all the locations. “I think they want to do some advertising for the fundraiser,” she told me. I said that would be great.

   On Wednesday I got a call from Brian Ziel at Mountain View Hospital. Brian has been one of the Foundations biggest supporters and has helped with a lot of my fundraisers. Brian explained that Mountain View is going to match up to $2,500 of the fundraiser and wanted to do a video promotion for the fundraiser with Amy and I on Friday. I told him I appreciated all his support, and I would meet him on Friday.

   We met at the location behind Edwards Theater to do the video. Brian explained how Mountain View Hospital wanted to help promote the fundraiser and to raise awareness of regular checkups. I described how all the funds would go directly to local cancer patients and thanked Brian and Amy for their support. Amy talked about having a form set up on their website where people could nominate cancer patients as recipients.

   After the video, I suggested that when we have the names of the patients we are giving the money to, we should have some of the employees from Pick Me Up be the ones to give them the check. “I just think it would be great to let them see the effect their efforts made in their community,” I said

   So I encourage all of you to stop by any of the Pick Me Up locations and support this great fundraiser. I want to thank all of you for your support. Thanks for reading.

Next week: Texas Roadhouse Fundraiser

P.S. If you don’t like mixed soda drinks and cookies that’s okay. You can buy something for me. I’ll send you my address.