Another Inspirational Cancer Patient

Another Inspirational Cancer Patient

   This week’s story is about another generous cancer patient. A local business held a fundraiser for the Foundation and raised a little over $600. I contacted Teton Cancer Institute and told them I wanted to send them three blank checks for $200 each. I asked them to find three cancer patient that could use the assistance. Whenever I send anything to someone, I include a card that says, “To let you know that someone cares, and you’re always in our thoughts and prayers” along with a business card from the Foundation. Last week, there was a card in the mailbox addressed to the Foundation. I always love getting thank you cards. When I opened this card up, it included one of the $200 checks I sent to Teton Cancer along with another check for $100. The cancer patient thanked the Foundation for all the help and support we are giving to local cancer patients. They were grateful we had thought of them, but stated they know there are other cancer patients that could use the help more than them.

   I sent them a card back thanking them for their unselfishness and generosity. I told them how much I admired and respected them. I informed them the $200 check they sent back would be used to buy hotel rooms in Utah for a couple from Wyoming when they need to go down for treatment and their $100 check would go to a cancer patient in Rigby for medical expenses.

   It is events like this that helps me recognize and cherish the many wonderful and charitable people I am blessed to know. I want to let all of you know how much your support means to me. I especially want to let my beautiful girlfriend Kristi know how much I admire the examples of love, encouragement, and support that she gives to so many people including me. It helps guide me to strive to be the kind of man she can be proud of. I appreciate you all very much and thanks for reading.

Next week: Back to normal?

P.S. Kristi’s brothers and sister are really nice, but she’s always been the favorite. Trust me, I know all about being the favorite.