Back to Normal?

Back to Normal?

 Well, my faithful readers, we are almost through our first month in 2021. Are we ever going to get back to some resemblance of normal? I would like to say we are, but that would be the same as saying 2021 couldn’t be worse than 2020. It’s a definite way to jinx all of us. However, I will share an experience with you that helps me believe in the chance of getting back to normal.

    Several people I know have received their stimulus checks. As of the first of this week I had not received mine. My concern is the fact that the mailman is always putting other people’s mail in my mailbox. Logic would tell me that if I am getting someone else’s mail, there is a good chance someone might have gotten some of mine. Like a stimulus check perhaps. I decided to see what the options are if you don’t receive a check.

   There is an IRS office in Idaho Falls, so I decided to start there. I assumed that since it was the government, I would need to take as much identification as possible, so I took my birth certificate, my social security card, and my passport. When I arrived at the office, there is a large sign with a phone number you are required to call to set up an appointment. Inside there was a security guard and an agent, but no one else. The look I received basically told me, “There’s the number, call it and make an appointment.” I called the number and of course I was required to navigate the mandatory phone maze just to press a button to be put on hold. After about five minutes of waiting on hold, the security guard came to the door and told me she would see if the agent could talk to me. She came back and took me to his desk. I explained my situation and concerns about someone else receiving my stimulus check. He asked my name and said he would need to see my identification. I started to open the folder with all the identification items I brought, and he said, “Your driver’s license will do.” “Of course, it will,” I said to myself.

After some research, he said my stimulus check was not issued because there wasn’t any information in my file for my 2019 tax return. I told him I was sure they had been filed, but he said it wasn’t in the system. I knew I had sent them in because I had to send a check with my federal and state returns. I was a little frustrated, but I thanked him and left.

I went home and found all my paperwork. I located the cancelled checks for both my federal and state taxes. I called the number to make an appointment and was put on hold for about 30 minutes before someone came on the line. I told them about my previous conversation and the cancelled checks. The person on the other end told me my 2019 returns had been sent in, they just haven’t been processed yet. I told them I didn’t understand because the checks were processed in June. I was told the checks and returns are separated and that was the reason the checks were cashed. Then I was told some returns weren’t processed because of the Covid Apocalypse. (My term, not theirs) Then they explained that the stimulus checks were based on 2019 returns, so the check might not be processed, and I will need to file more paperwork. At this point, I am not clear if I am still  going to receive a stimulus check or not.

What does this have to do with “Back to Normal” you ask?

  1. The IRS will always be able to demand and spend your money promptly but can take as long as they want to send money to you.
  2. No matter what, the government will always find a way to make things harder.
  3. If something negative is going to happen, it will happen to me.

Yes, my friends, I think this is a sign we are getting back to normal. Thanks for reading.

Next week: Groundhog Day

P.S. One thing that has become the new normal: The Covid Apocalypse like’s messing with me whenever it can.