Moving On

Moving On

I would like to tell you about two special events that happened to me this week. Thursday night Shelley High School requested two limousines so they could reward the honor society with a night out. I found out in previous years it was customary to take them to the State Capitol in Boise for a tour and to meet some of the members. Of course, they were not able to do that this year. The Covid Apocalypse strikes again. Instead, they decided to reward them with a Limo ride and dinner at Fuji in Idaho Falls. The other driver Nick and I decided we would drive down together so we could show up at the same time. I told him he should go first, and I would follow him. “That way we won’t get lost and end up in Firth!” I told him.

The group of students came out and took pictures by the limo’s and then divided into two groups and loaded up into the limo’s. We arrived at Fuji and the students started to get out of the limo. After about half of them had gotten out, one of the young girls got out and yelled “Grandpa!” and came over to give me a hug. It was Cassidy’s cousin Addi Ray. She is an amazing young lady. The first time I really had a chance to be around her was several years ago when she went down with Cassidy and I to the Eastern Idaho State Fair. The three of us started to go on the rides and was having a lot of fun. Cassidy ran into some of her friends and wanted to go on some of the rides Addi couldn’t go on. So, I said that Addi and I would go on some other rides and then we would get together later. Addi looked up at me and said “Grandpa, let’s go down the slide.” After that it was “Grandpa, let’s go on that ride,” or “Grandpa, let’s go down the slide again.” From that point on, she has called me Grandpa, and I must tell you it has always filled me with warmth and love.

About a month ago, my niece Erin sent me an invitation to her wedding in Winnemucca. I asked Kristi if she would like to go with me, and she said she would love to. So last Saturday we picked up my sister Patty in Salt Lake and headed for the wedding. The drive down was great except for Kristi and Patty teaming up together against me! It was great to see my little brother Jon and his family. The wedding was amazing, and Erin and her husband James are such a great couple. I know they will be incredibly happy together.

As I move forward and look for the positive, I am so grateful to live in a community with so many incredible young adults like the group from Shelley. I have no doubt they will all do amazing things in the future. I am truly fortunate for the wonderful blessings of friends and family. I am thankful every day for all of you. Thanks for reading.

Next week: Service opportunities

P.S. I am assuming Kristi and Patty were teaming up against me. I really wasn’t paying much attention.