Another Reward

Another Reward

I will begin this week’s story with an immensely big Thank You to the Ammon branch of the Bank of Commerce. Michelle called me last week and told me about a tradition they started doing at their branch. They will allow the employees to wear jeans on Friday as long as they pay a fee. Then they choose a non-profit organization to donate the funds to. She informed me they had chosen the Foundation to receive the funds for this month. I thanked her and told her to tell everyone “Thanks for wearing pants!”

Last Thursday night, there was a group that booked a limousine for a special event. It was a surprise birthday party for a lady that was turning 60. I picked up the family at Stockman’s restaurant and then we went to pick her up from work. One son and his family had driven in from Portland and one of their daughters came from Tennessee to be there. It was so heartwarming to see all the grandchildren there to help her celebrate.

We arrived at her work, and the husband went in to get her. The family waited in the limousine to surprise her. The lady came out and as soon as she started to get into the limousine, the entire family shouted, “Happy Birthday!” The lady was overcome with emotion. Her eyes filled with tears of joy. It was a heartwarming thing to witness.

They had a list of places they wanted her to be able to go to. The first place I was to take her was The Drink Factory in Ammon. For those of you who are not aware of this establishment, it is difficult to get in and out of. The driveway is narrow and hard to navigate with an extended cab pickup, let alone a 35-foot limo. “Is that going to be a problem,” the one daughter asked me. “For the average limo driver maybe, but not for the World’s Best Limo Driver,” I replied. Secretly in my head I was hoping I hadn’t committed to something that was going to turn into a fiasco. We were able to get her favorite drink and from there the next stop was TJ Maxx. Since my house was on the way, I told them I wanted to stop and get my present for the birthday girl. I brought out one of my Foundation t-shirts and reminded them it falls under the “I am a good guy” umbrella, not the “Free advertising” umbrella.

We finished the rest of the stops and when I dropped them off at Stockman’s, everyone said they had a great time. The lady and her husband thanked me for the t-shirt and said they admired everything the Foundation is doing. “One of my co-workers just found out she has breast cancer,” the lady said. I told her I was so sorry to hear that and told her the Foundation could help out. “I think they’re okay but thank you for offering” she replied.

The reward I am referring to in the title is thanks to Michelle and the Ammon branch of the Bank of Commerce, I was rewarded with the opportunity to take a check over the next day to have the lady give to her co-worker. I know that even if someone does have good insurance, it still helps to know there are people out there that care about you. I appreciate all of you and your support very much. Thanks for reading.

Next week: Happy St. Patrick’s Day

P.S. I told the employees at the bank as a way of thanking them for wearing pants, I would also wear pants instead of old man shorts and long black socks. I’m such a nice guy.

P.P.S. Now you have that visual in your head, don’t you?