I Love My Community

I Love My Community

I would like to thank all the individuals, groups, and companies that are doing fundraisers for the Foundation this month. This week’s story is a follow up to a story I posted on July 31st about a couple I met at a Chukars game.

In my original story, I wrote about this couple asking if the Foundation helped patients that were going to the Huntsman Cancer Center in Utah, instead of Teton Cancer Institute. I gave them some funds we had raised from the last Chukars game and sent them some gas cards in the mail later.

When I was on my last road trip for my new job, (You remember, when I broke down in the Utah desert and the man gave me a card to call the Mormon missionaries) the lady from the Chukars game sent me a text asking me who she could talk to about getting some assistance with her bills. I told her I was out of town at the moment, but she could contact Kristen at TCI. I told her when I got back into town I would get back to her and send her some money.

This is where I need to explain how everything happens for a reason. Last week I was getting a call from a number I didn’t recognize. Normally I let these calls go to voicemail since they are usually automated calls, and they never leave a voicemail. Although one time they did leave a message and the good news is they can help me with my student loans. So, there’s that. For some reason I decided to answer this call. It was from a young man at an insurance company. He explained there are changes to the Medicare plan and wanted to know if I would be willing to come in and meet with him to see if they could save me some money on my monthly premium. We were talking and I found out his dad is a farmer in Blackfoot that I know. I agreed to meet with him on Monday.

When I walked into the insurance office a gentleman came out of an office and said, “You’re Shane Wilker with the Shannon Wilker Foundation. I follow you on Facebook and love everything you are doing. We would like to donate to your Foundation.” I told him how much I appreciated that and how I am grateful for the generous community we live in.

As I left their office I thought about the lady from the Chukars game and how I had forgotten to get in touch with her. I sent her a text letting her know how sorry I was for not getting back in touch with her sooner and told her I was putting a check for $250 in the mail for her today. She sent me a text back saying that it was perfect timing, because that is the exact amount she needed for her house payment. She told me she was in church yesterday asking God for help, and he is answering her prayer through me. I felt chills go through my body followed by a great feeling of warmth and love. I will take this one step further by saying all of your support and donations are the reason the Foundation is able to answer so many prayers. Thank you for your support, and thanks for reading.

Next week: More Fundraisers

P.S. I have also had several calls from people concerned about the warranty on my vehicle. Didn’t know a 20-year-old vehicle still had a warranty.