Happy Halloween 2021

Happy Halloween 2021

What is your favorite Halloween memory? I have a lot of fond memories, especially taking Justin and Ryan around to Trick-or-Treat. I also enjoyed dressing up like a cowboy and handed out trick-or-treat candy from my saddle bags. If there is one that stands out the most, it would have to be when I was a senior in High School. I am aware there are some of you that already know this story, so you may be excused for the next few minutes while I tell it to the rest of the class.

To tell this story properly, let’s identify what is considered a Halloween prank. There is throwing rolls of toilet paper around, or more commonly known as “T.P.ing someone’s house.” There is putting shaving cream on someone’s windshield. One of the standard Halloween pranks is throwing eggs at inanimate objects. Of course, there was always the retaliation egg throwing if an animate object threw at you first. Whenever you got caught, you could always fall back to the standard line of defense; “Well, they started it!” The main rule of a Halloween prank is that it doesn’t hurt someone or cause any property damage.

It was well-known fact that back in the day, Grace had the reputation of pulling off the best Halloween pranks. On Halloween night, Caribou County send twice as many officers to Grace than Soda Springs or Bancroft. One of the pranks that started when I was a freshman was getting an outhouse and being able to drop it off and stand it up in town. For you youngsters that don’t know what an outhouse is, it is an older wooden version of a Porta Potty. When I was a junior, someone brought one in and stood it up in the middle of Main Street. People said that was the best outhouse Halloween prank ever.

For the next part of this story, and not knowing exactly what the statute of limitations are, I will not be using any names. I will simply use the term “someone.” After “someone” heard people say that was the best outhouse prank, and nobody would be able to top it, “someone” said “Challenge accepted!”

About four days before Halloween, “someone” and his friends waited until late at night and brought an outhouse into town and with ladders and ropes put in on top of the High School and laid in on it’s side. When Halloween came, “someone” and his friends went to the back of the school. “Someone” and another friend climbed to the top of the school. As soon as they were on top of the school, the rest of the friends waited until they noticed a police car and then sped out of the parking lot so the police car would follow them. “Someone” and their friend rolled the out house to the front of the High School and stood it up right by the GHS sign.

If you look in a 1974 Grace High School yearbook, there is a picture of the outhouse by the GHS sign. For whatever reason, the school decided not to take it down right away. For this next part, I will admit, Brent Krebs and I did get in trouble when we decided to decorate it for Christmas.

I know you all have some favorite Halloween memories. I encourage you to share them with us so we can enjoy them as well. Thanks for reading.

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P.S. There has not been a better outhouse Halloween prank than this one. I will make sure “someone” knows.