When we first met

I had moved to Marsh Valley to accept my first job as a parts manager. I really enjoyed the opportunity and worked with some really great guys. I had been there for around a year and although I enjoyed the job, being a single person in Marsh Valley was definitely NOT where I planned on spending the rest of my life.

   Now everyone knows how much I like basketball. I had always been able to find somewhere to play when I lived in American Falls, but the only basketball available in Arimo was LDS church basketball. (You know the fist fight that begins with a prayer basketball!) Well, in order to be able to play it was required that you attend church. That seemed to be a reasonable request. I remember telling my Dad on Wednesday before I went to my first meeting that I knew the right person was out there for me, I just haven’t found her yet. I had resolved myself to the fact that I probably wouldn’t find her in Marsh Valley.

When I arrived at church, I sat down with Spence Olsen, and we were discussing the irony of church basketball. I remember like it was yesterday looking up and seeing the most beautiful woman I had ever seen in my life. Not only was Shannon beautiful on the outside, she always had an inner beauty that everyone who knows her can testify to. I know its sounds presumptuous of me, but I knew immediately this was the person I was meant to spend the rest of my life with. Shannon told me later than she remembers looking back and seeing me, but she was just positive that I was married. I knew I had to find out who she was.

   We both found out later that her sister Melanie and my brother Jon both said they needed to get us together. Shannon and I talked about this a lot and both realized we were put together at this stage of our lives for a reason. If there had been any change of any kind, we never would have met.

   The Lord works in mysterious ways and it’s important to remember he has a plan for us all, even when we don’t know what it might be. Now what I have learned from this is (1) everyone has a soul mate and true love. I am grateful to have found mine and cherish the time I had with her in this life. And (2) there are those rare times that LDS church basketball can actually bring people together. Thanks for letting me share. Shannon, we LOVE and MISS you.