The first baby doll story

    Now a lot of you have heard this story, but I felt that it was definitely one that I needed to share with everyone. I have called it the first baby doll story simply because there will be more to follow. You have been warned.

   It all started after Shannon and Cassidy had been playing with her dolls (which Cassidy appropriately calls her babies) and it was time to take Cassidy home. “Grandma, let’s take the babies with us so we can play with them on the way” Cassidy said with a delight in her voice. “That sounds great Cassidy” was Shannon’s reply. Now I was just joking when I made the comment “I want to take a baby too.” I did not expect this response, but Cassidy said “Papa, you can take the twins.”

   Now the twins were the two smaller dolls, and I was glad that I got to be part of the doll playing game. I know that doesn’t sound very manly but anything to do with Cassidy is okay with me. We started the drive to Cassidy’s house, and she and Shannon were having a great time playing with their babies in the back seat. I decided that it would be fun to take one of the twins and place its hand on the steering wheel as if it were helping me drive. It wasn’t very long and I discovered that with the help of my thumbs, you can actually make the doll dance to the music on the radio. Shannon and Cassidy thought this looked quite funny and we were all having a blast playing with the babies.

   We had stopped at a red light, and I was having the doll dance to the music when a car had pulled up to the right side of the vehicle. Now I have heard of someone doing a triple take when they are looking at something, but this was the first time I had actually experienced it. I did the first thing that came to my mind and waved at them with the doll. I’m not sure if they had originally planned to turn right, but judging by the quickness in which they did I have always wondered if it was the doll that made them flee.

    I started laughing about it when Shannon made the point “You’re aware that he can’t see Cassidy and I back here, right?” I thought about the windows being tinted and the only reply I had was “I am now!” We all started laughing and wondered what the poor driver must think about some old guy playing with a doll and waving at him with it. I decided that at the very least, he would have a good story to tell someone when he got home.

   So in the future, if you see someone driving with a dancing doll on the steering wheel, don’t be alarmed. Maybe they are simply a harmless Grandpa just wanting to be part of a game.

  Shannon I just want to tell you again how precious these memories are to me and I will always LOVE and MISS YOU