The Foundation Fund Raising

   This story is about the adventures I’ve had raising funds for the Shannon Wilker Foundation.

To start with, I have been working with the local radio stations to promote my lip sync contest. I asked if we could have the D.J.’s promote it on their morning shows. I have listened for the last week and nothing. Oh they can argue about what you call the inside part of an avocado, or who their favorite character is on the Walking Dead for over two minutes, but can’t seem to squeeze in 20 seconds to mention a contest! Wow, sorry for the rant. But I’m feeling much better now, shall we continue?

On Thursday, I was at the Wild Adventure Corn Maze run by Richard Johnson. If you have been following these stories, you’ll remember I helped with the maze a couple of years ago. I made some lifelong friends while I was there and really enjoyed it. Richard has developed this into a terrific family fun adventure. I had some good friends come down to help me, and others who brought their families to support me. I set up a table to sell raffle tickets and promote the lip sync contest. There was a really good turn out and I had a pretty good night selling tickets. I want to thank Richard and his family for everything they have done for me.

The next event was the “What Today’s Women Want” expo held at Kingston Plaza in Idaho Falls. I have been working with Riverbend Communications on the lip sync contest so they let me have a booth at the expo. The first day started off kind of slow, but started to pick up a little after noon. Gradually people came up and asked about my Foundation. I sold a few raffle tickets, but one of the best things was getting people interested in the lip sync contest. There were a lot of people anxious to submit one, or knew somebody that would be perfect for it. I met a lot of really nice people and all of them were very supportive of the concept of the Foundation.

The second day was just as rewarding as the first if not better. I sold some more raffle tickets and generated some excitement for the lip sync contest. In the last two days, I had three people who have done a lot of fund raising offer to help with any future events. I also had some very nice people volunteer to help if I ever need it.

    The last three days have been very productive and enjoyable. But the most rewarding part has been the opportunity to talk to people about my Angel Shannon. There are so many more people now that know the name Shannon Wilker and the inspiration she was and still is.

   Shannon, I want to thank you for always being my inspiration and compass. I will always LOVE AND MISS YOU!

Next week: The challenge is here!

P.S. The inside of an avocado is called a pit. Now don’t you feel better having that knowledge? You’re welcome.