To begin with, the reason for the title is that while you are reading this story, Justin and I are in Maui to support Ryan as he competes in the Xterra Triathlon World Championships. This is the 20th anniversary of the event and there are over 800 athletes from 43 countries here to compete. It has been truly amazing and we are very proud of Ryan. So this story is about our experiences and not about how great the weather is here. (Mid 80’s and no rain) 

Our trip started with our flight out of Salt Lake on Thursday morning. While we were waiting to board, I noticed there were a large number of LDS missionaries on the same flight. As I looked at these young men and women, I had to admire their dedication and commitment. We boarded the flight and had not been in the air 20 minutes when the pilot got on the intercom and informed us about a warning light that came on about the fuel system. He said it was not affecting the performance of the plane, but to be safe, we would be returning to Salt Lake to have it checked out. I jokingly turned to Justin and said, “How scary is it that this happened with all these missionaries on board!” They fixed the problem and we boarded the plane again. We arrived at LAX 10 minutes after our connecting flight was scheduled to leave. Luckily they held the flight for us. And yes, the gate was at the very end of the concourse. We got a big cheer as we walked on the plane. “I don’t suppose it would do any good to say it wasn’t our fault” I asked. After that, there weren’t any more problems and we arrived in Maui on schedule.

   Now rather than tell you how nice it’s been here; (Mid 80’s and no rain) I want to talk about what I really have enjoyed the most. The first thing is that Ryan know how proud we are of all his training and hard work. To be here with the top triathletes from all over the world is a major accomplishment. The next thing is to let Justin know how much it means for him to be here. He has so much responsibility right now at Starting Line Products and it’s probably the worst time for him to be gone. But he wanted to support Ryan and chose his brother over his work, knowing full well he would have a lot to deal with when he gets back.

   As we drove around the island, I noticed so many things Shannon would have enjoyed. As I looked at the beautiful flowers, I knew she would have loved them. There have been so many times I wished she was here to enjoy it with us. But every time I started to feel bad about these things, I was reminded where she is now is so much more beautiful.

   So even though this has been a terrific experience to come over here to this beautiful location; (Did I mention the mid 80 degree, no rain weather?) the best thing is to be here with our two wonderful sons and the strong family bond we have. I know without a doubt this puts a big smile on Shannon’s face. Sweetheart, we want to thank you for being there for us and we will always LOVE AND MISS YOU!

Next week: The dealer convention

P.S. If it helps any; the Mid 80’s no rain weather has been a little humid!