The Dealer Convention

   This story could also be titled Aloha #2 since it also takes place in Hawaii. Before I purchased the tickets for Ryan’s race, my business partner in Canada informed me the Far West Equipment Dealers Association was holding their convention in Hawaii the first week of November. It was a tough decision, but for the sake of my training I decided to stay in Hawaii for another week.

   I realized from the start the best I could ask for was the opportunity to meet some of the owners of these dealer groups and introduce myself and my training. One of the largest dealer groups represented there was Stotz Equipment out of Phoenix, Arizona. The owner’s name is Tom Rosztoczy and back in February I had contacted him by phone. I introduced myself and told him a little about my training program. He was very polite and said they were already doing some in house training, but to contact them towards the end of the year. I was hoping at this convention I would get a chance to talk to someone from their organization.

On Wednesday night at the reception dinner I noticed an old acquaintance from John Deere. His name is Jim Conner and he used to do training out of Walla Walla. I walked over and asked him how he had been. He informed me he stopped training about 15 years ago and now he’s a territory manager. “Where are you located?” I asked. “I live in Phoenix” he replied. I decided the next day I would ask him to introduce me to some of the managers from Stotz Equipment. At that point, a guy came up and they started talking. Now one thing I like about these events is everyone has a name tag and where they are from. You can imagine my surprise when the name tag on the gentleman talking to my friend was Tom Rosztocy. I waited for the right opportunity and then I said to him “Excuse me, but I need to introduce myself. My name is Shane Wilker and we actually talked earlier this year on the phone. I called you in February and told you about my new parts and service training program.” We talked about how he has taken the business over from his dad who is retiring, and how much the industry has changed through the years. We are now on a first name basis.

Now I want to tell you about my best experience of the convention. I noticed one of the speakers was Scott McKain. He is by far the best motivational speaker I have ever listened to. I first heard him speak in Florida at a John Deere Expo and went up and talked to him afterwards. We have kept in touch through Facebook posts here and there. I made up my mind that one way or another I would find way to talk to him. On Thursday morning, about ten minutes before the opening session, I was walking towards the ballroom. I looked and walking straight towards me was Scott McKain. Before I had a chance to say anything, Scott looked at me and yelled “Shane, how are you doing?” I couldn’t believe it! We met and shook hands. I said “I always wanted to come to another one of your speeches, but who knew I’d have to go to Hawaii to do it!” We talked for a few more seconds and then went to the ballroom. Scott gave another great talk. Afterwards we got together and had a great conversation. I told him about talking to Austin Kade Academy. He was very happy for me, and I was filled with so much happiness. I know my Angel Shannon had a big smile on her face. I will always LOVE AND MISS YOU sweetheart.

Next week: The shuttle ride

P.S. When Scott yelled “Shane, how are you doing?” it wasn’t because I’m important. But it made me feel important and that is why Scott McKain is the success he is and a role model to me.