The Shuttle Ride

   Before I start with my story, I want to acknowledge all the veterans past and present for their service and sacrifice for our country. Even though last Wednesday was the day recognized as Veterans Day, it really should be every day. Thank you all for keeping us safe and free.

   As I tried to come up with a topic for this week’s story, my mind is still thinking about Hawaii. I decided to tell you about our shuttle ride from the convention to the airport. To properly lay the background for this story, I need to tell the story the motivational speaker Scott McKain told us about a cab ride he had in Jacksonville, Florida. His flight had arrived late, and after picking up his luggage, he went out and waited in line to catch a cab. When his cab pulled up to get him, the driver jumped out of the cab and yelled “Are you ready for the best cab ride of your life?” Scott said his first thought was “Who is this guy?” Then he went on to tell the story of Taxi Terry and how he now has his own company and 9 taxis’s, 2 shuttles, and a stretch limo. If you want to read a good book on customer service, check out “The 7 tenants of Taxi Terry by Scott McKain.

   Now I will tell you about our shuttle ride. When the driver picked us up, he asked where we were from. After we told him, I asked him where he was from, expecting him to tell us which island. He said he was from Chicago originally and moved here four years ago. I was surprised because he looked and talked like a local. Then he said he was just kidding, he was from Kona and liked to have fun with the tourists. I told him “I wanted to say I thought you were from Hawaii, but it’s probably not wise to call your driver a liar.” As we made our way to the airport, he told us some of the stories he’s told people. Such as when they comment how there doesn’t seem to be many houses, he tells them that’s because we all live underneath the lava beds.

   My favorite was when he told a couple one night that it’s too dark to see, but there is usually a line of people walking on a path about 300 yards off the road because their solar cars quit working at night. He said the lady said “Well, we should stop and help them.” I told him the next time that happens he should say “I tried that last year and lost two of my passengers. Well, I didn’t really lose them, they turned up last week. Have you ever watched the show Unsolved Mysteries?”

   I wanted to tell this story because after hearing the story about Taxi Terry, here is a guy who is so satisfied and fulfilled with his job. He told us “If I can make one person laugh while they’re here, I know they will have had a good start or end to their vacation.”

   It makes me think of my Angel Shannon and the gift she had of making people feel special and needed. Thank you for your example sweetheart, I will always LOVE AND MISS YOU!

Next week: I am thankful for…