The first contribution

     I am happy to be able to write this story on behalf of the Shannon Wilker Foundation. The goal of this Foundation is to raise money so we can donate it directly to local breast cancer patients and their families. I want everyone who has sent money to this Foundation to know how grateful I am for your generosity. I am blessed to call you my friend and I know my Angel Shannon is grateful also.

   When I first started the foundation, I was trying to do a fund raiser by having a lip sync contest. The concept was to have people upload a video of them lip syncing a song and post it to social media. We would choose the winners by the amount of views each video received. Then we planned to have a contest with the top three in each category. I went around to all of the High Schools and Junior High Schools trying to get the students involved, but I didn’t get any students to post a video. I did get some great videos posted, (Thank you Austin Kade Academy and Eagle Rock Physical Therapy!) but there wasn’t enough to have the contest. I have decided to try a different approach with this concept this spring, so be prepared.

  I also decided to hold a raffle for a 32” LED television and other items. I went around to some of the businesses in town and was able to get some gift certificates for dinner at some of the local restaurants. I am very good friends with Chelsey who manages the La Quinta Inns so I decided to see if she would be willing to help. When I told her about the Foundation, she generously donated two gift certificates for two luxury fireplace hotel suites.

  As I thought about giving these away as a door prize for a raffle, it made me stop and ponder if this was the best way to use these tickets. The next day, I went back to La Quinta to talk to Chelsey. I began the conversation with “These are probably the three scariest words you are going to hear; I was thinking!” Chelsey laughed and agreed, “That is pretty scary alright, but tell me what you were thinking about.” “Well, I don’t want of use these certificates as a door prize in the raffle. I can see some 25 year old kid who spent one dollar on a raffle ticket win them, and not really appreciate them. Instead, I would like to give them directly to two breast cancer patients who could use a getaway with their husband, and or family” I told her. Chelsey agreed that was the best way to utilize the certificates. I thanked her again and left feeling very happy with our decision.

   It took me a long time to get the social worker at Teton Cancer Institute to call me back, (That is another story for another time) but I am happy to say this week we were able to give them to two well deserving cancer patients. I am also proud to say with the cash donations I received the Foundation was also able to give away some gas cards as well. Please check out the pictures on the photo page.

   I am looking forward to raising more money and helping more people in the future. I want to thank all of you for your support and reading these stories.

   I need to thank my Angel Shannon for always being there with me and guiding me. I will always LOVE AND MISS YOU!

Next week: Our first date anniversary

P.S. To the guys at basketball, I am recovering from my shoulder injury, and the charity stops at the basketball court. “Fear the Deere!”