Our first date anniversary

    It was December 6, 1980 when I took a beautiful, gorgeous, amazing woman out on our first date. Now there really isn’t much to do in Marsh Valley, so I wisely decided against taking her to dinner at the truck stop in McCammon. Instead we went to Jakers in Pocatello.

   The best way to let you know how I remember this date is tell you how I explained it to Shannon. It was December 5, 1984 and I told Shannon we should do something fun for our first date anniversary. When she asked me how I remembered the date, I told her “I remember it being December 6, because December 7, is when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor.” Now what I should have said after that was nothing. Instead, trying to be funny, I added “I remember because that was the day before all hell broke loose!” Come to find out, it wasn’t as funny as I thought it was going to be. Sadly, that wasn’t the last time I tried to be funny and failed.

    As we were driving into Pocatello, I remember trying to impress her by letting her know how many sports I was involved in. (If you haven’t, I recommend reading the “Our first date to a rodeo” story on page 20 of the Caringbridge site.) I want to tell the single men reading this a little something I have learned. If a woman is impressed with your macho status enough to go on a second date with you, you have accomplished your goal in that area. You can quit and move on. Anything after that is losing ground. Trust someone who took a long time to figure that out!

While we were at dinner, I remember thinking how beautiful she was. I was so proud to be seen with her. As we were talking, I realized what a loving, caring person she was. We discussed the coincidence of us both being in Marsh Valley at the same time in our lives. The more we talked, the more it made me realize we were meant to be together.

  As I look back on all of the positive events in my life, one of the best was this day 35 years ago. That is when I went on my first date with the love of my life and soul mate. Shannon, I want to thank you for putting up with me. I will always LOVE AND MISS YOU!

Next week: Another dealer convention 

P.S. How many hot dogs you were able to eat at one time evidently isn’t as impressive as you may think. That’s just another helpful hint for you single guys.