Happy Sweet Sixteen Cassidy


   I wanted to write about our sweet little granddaughter turning sixteen on Wednesday. It’s hard to believe she has grown up that fast. We have had so much fun with her as you might have guessed from some of the previous stories.

   For the last few weeks, I have been going back through all my stories. As I look back on some of these stories, it makes me smile to think of some of the silly things I used to do with her. There was the time we told Shannon to watch as I crashed into the snowbank with Cassidy in the wheelbarrow. I also thought about the countless times of playing hide and seek. One of my all-time favorite experiences with Cassidy was riding bikes behind Target. I feel it’s important to remind everyone how we saved not just Idaho Falls, but the entire planet from the Decepticons and the Aliens in our adventures.

   But the main thing these stories have reminded me of is the special bond between Cassidy and Shannon. Shannon would pick Cassidy up from school, make her a healthy snack, and work on her homework. By the time Cassidy was in the third grade, they had read 975 books together. I will never forget Cassidy telling me once “Papa, Grandma taught me a lot of good things, but the main thing she taught me was to get my homework done first.”

   Of course, there was the countless times when we were in public and they would go to the bathroom. You might as well plan on at least ten minutes passing by before they would return. There was the time we went to McDonalds, and Shannon and Cassidy left me at the table with three orders of food and about 300 Polly Pocket dolls on the table. Or the time we were at Great Harvest and I watched as a young man waited patiently outside the only bathroom they had. This was when I found out the turned they lights off and were dancing in the dark. The bond they have together is priceless and never-ending.

   I have been thinking about all the times we drove around with her. I can still see Shannon sitting in the back with Cassidy. They would play Patty Cake, with Polly Pocket dolls, or sometimes they would just pass notes back and forth. The other day, I was going through some of the containers downstairs, and found one of the pads they had used to write notes on. As I read some of the cute things they wrote, I was overcome with emotion and tears. “Why did we have to lose her? Why couldn’t she be here to celebrate this momentous occasion?” I thought. And just as it has always been when I feel this way, I could hear her say “I am here. I will always be here.” It gave me a feeling of warmth and comfort.

   Cassidy, I want to let you know what a terrific young lady you are and we are positive you will grow up to be a leader and a success in everything you do. We are all so proud of you, and you have a terrific family that will always be here for you. You also have a special Guardian Angel watching over you. We will always LOVE AND MISS YOU Shannon.

Next week: Happy Easter 2017

P.S. It was also fun getting in trouble at the mall for going up the down escalator. That’s how we roll, people!