The Granddaughter Team

   So, in my story last week, I told you about my adopted granddaughter team. This week, I’d like to tell you how it all started. One night, I was driving Cassidy and Savannah around before Cassidy got her drivers’ license. They were trying to remember the first time they met each other. “It was the time we went down to the fair together” Savannah said. “That’s right!” Cassidy replied. “Remember when you took us down, G-Pa? We all had a blast together!” Cassidy continued. “The three of us need to do that every year. We need to make it a tradition” Savannah said. Then they talked about how much they enjoy spending time together, and they were like sisters. “You can be my adopted granddaughter” I said to Savannah.

   Since then, I am happy to say I have adopted more sweet, wonderful friends of Cassidy as granddaughters. I would usually pick them and Cassidy up and drop them off at a football or basketball game, or sometimes just drive them around as they discussed the serious issues that teenage girls deal with. You know, like who broke up with who, or why some rude person didn’t respond to their text or story on Snapchat. Whenever I dropped them off, they would all say, “Thanks G-Pa!” That would always make me happy.

   Tuesday night, I got a text from Cassidy asking me if I wanted to go to dinner with her and Faith. She was leaving on Wednesday with her Mom for vacation, and wanted to get together before she left. I immediately responded, “I’d Love to!” We met at IHOP and before I go any further, they could really use some training in customer service. (Hey, I know a guy!) We started talking, and the topic of last weeks’ story came up. “I loved it!” Cassidy said. “Yeah, me too, Faith added. Then they said they were talking with some of the other girls, and said they all wanted to get t-shirts identifying them as the “Granddaughter Team.” I was overcome with emotion thinking these sweet girls talked about that.

Cassidy and Faith started talking about some of their best family vacations. I was trying to listen closely, but my mind was thinking about the t-shirts for the Granddaughter Team. They were talking about some of the pretty sunsets and sunrises they had seen, when I said “Hey, I’ve got an idea for the t-shirts!” They looked at each other and then back at me with a puzzled look on their face. (I’m used to this) “Not that it has anything to do with the sunsets” I tried to explain jokingly. They both laughed a little and then Cassidy said, “That was kind of random G-Pa!” with a little chuckle in her voice. I told them I wanted to use the Shannon Wilker Foundation shirts, and then put “Honorary Granddaughter” on the back. They both agreed that would be great and I told them I would get them printed up. Then I told them they could all come when I have my booth at the Chukars games and throw out the taffy to the crowd. “That would be awesome” they both agreed. I went home knowing this put a smile on my Angel Shannon’s’ face. I will always LOVE AND MISS YOU sweetheart.

Next week: Family Reunion

P.S. I’m aware all my ideas are random. It’s the mind of a crazy person.