Fourth of July

   I hope everyone had a Happy and safe Fourth of July. It has always been one of my favorite holidays. I remember Shannon and I taking the boys to the Fourth of July celebration in Arimo. We had so much fun and those are memories I will always cherish.

   My holiday started off playing basketball at the church. Do you know one of the best things about living in this country? “Freedom to Foul!” After that, I volunteered to help throw out t-shirts along the parade route before it started. The t-shirts were for the Free Market Health Clinic that is starting up in Idaho Falls. It is an extremely beneficial health care program, and it’s worth checking out at “Free Market Health of Idaho.” We had a wonderful time giving away t-shirts and joking around. After we were done, we found a spot and watched the parade. There were some very creative floats, and I loved the marching bands. It reminded me when Ryan was in the Hillcrest band. It was so cute to watch the little kids waving their American flags.

   My normal routine after that was to walk around the greenbelt, check out the vendors, and plan a strategy for watching the fireworks. This year, the venue changed from the Greenbelt to Snake River Landing. I went down to check things out, especially the food vendors. Because, after all, I am considered an expert in this area. Everything was set up well, and there were a lot of fun things for the kids to do. The only problem I noticed was the parking situation. It looked like it would be a nightmare to get out of after the fireworks, so I decided I would find a location later that night to watch from.

     I must admit I used to take this holiday for granted. I never gave the total freedoms I have in this country a second thought. But I look at things much differently now. I am trying to concentrate on all the positive things I have, and be grateful for them. The biggest thing I am thankful for are the brave men and women who serve in the armed forces. It is truly the “Land of the Free” because of the brave. I am also thankful for the compassion and generosity of my family, friends, and community. Their example of selflessness is what our country it is all about. I am thankful for the freedom of my faith and religion. I am grateful to be able to tell my Angel Shannon I will always LOVE AND MISS HER. This is a great country we live in. God Bless America.

Next week: It’s fund raising time!

P.S. When I left to watch the fireworks, traffic was backed up for over three miles on Sunnyside. I shudder to think what it will be like when it’s the solar eclipse. Especially if there are 1J AND Utah drivers here at the same time!