Lava Hot Springs

   It was Tuesday morning when I received a text from my sister Patty. She said my nephew Quinn and his family were up from Arizona. They are all going to Lava and asked me if I wanted to come over. It sounded like fun, but my first thought was I would be interfering with a family outing. I texted her back and said I would see if I could make it. “Everyone says to tell you to come over” she texted back. That made up my mind. I told them I would meet them there.

   First, I will give you a little tip. If you plan to go over to Lava, go during the week. When I arrived, there was about a third of the people there than you see on a weekend. They had arrived before I did and was already in the pool. I changed into my swim suit, and headed out of the dressing room. Exactly as I entered the pool area, I heard over the loud speaker, “Attention Lava swimmers, we need everyone to leave the pool and find a spot on the grass.” Now, I’m not usually a paranoid person, but first the policeman at basketball Monday morning, and now my arrival has caused the need for people to evacuate the swimming pool. Really!

   When I located them, I asked them if they knew what happened. A boy had slipped and hit his head on the diving board. Someone who saw it happen said he was going to be okay, but we all felt bad for him and his family. While we were waiting, we decided to go down the big waterslide. It was quite exciting, and I didn’t scream like a little boy once! (Cassidy has informed me I’m not allowed to say, “Screamed like a little girl”)

   After we were allowed back into the pool, we started shooting at the basketball hoop. This led to a game of swimming pool basketball with a nice family from Wyoming. It was fun playing with the little kids and watching everyone have an enjoyable time. The answer to your question is, Yes! I do foul in swimming pool basketball also!

   It had been a couple of hours when we heard the same announcement instructing everyone to leave the pool area. We moved to the indoor pool, and started a new game of swimming pool basketball. This time it was just our family, so to me that meant “Anything goes!” It turned into a mix of basketball, football, rugby, and wrestling. We had a wonderful time!

   We decided it was time to go get something to eat, and then we would go to the Hot Pools. Quinn’s daughters Azme and Boston both said “We want to go with Uncle Shane!” That made me happy, but it’s not that surprising. I am the favorite Uncle afterall! As we were walking to the restaurant, we passed an ice cream shop. “We need to get ice cream after the hot pools” the kids said. Yes, I was one of the kids.

   I want to personally thank my sister Patty, my nephew Quinn and his wife Kellie, and their great kids Easton, Azme, and Boston. This was one of the best days I have had for a long time. These are the days that lasting memories are made of.

   On my way home, I thought about all the times Shannon and I took the boys to Lava, and the great times we had. I will always LOVE AND MISS YOU sweetheart.

Next week: Gardening tips

P.S. It’s merely a coincidence that as soon as I arrived, there were two accidents at the swimming pool.