Another Opportunity

This week’s story is about a Chukars game I attended a couple of weeks ago. I had gone there to give my adopted granddaughter Savannah a ride home after the game. She is such a good kid, and it makes me feel great when she calls me G-Pa.

   As I was finding my way to my seat, one of the ushers was a good friend I worked with at John Deere. He and his wife had stopped by my booth at one of the games last year. She told me she was a breast cancer survivor, and really appreciated the purpose of the Foundation. I asked him how they were doing. “We just found out she has a different type of cancer now” he said with sadness in his voice. That just broke my heart. “I’m so sorry to hear that. That’s so unfair after what she has already gone through” I told him. “I know it is. We’re just taking things one day at a time” he replied. I asked him what size t-shirts they both wore, and went to my car to get them. “I know it’s not much, but just let her know you guys are in my thoughts and prayers” I said as I gave them to him.

   I asked him if they were going to the Teton Cancer Institute. “The only clinic that can deal with her new cancer is in Salt Lake” he told me. “But it’s okay, because we both have family down there so we can stay with them.” We talked about how important it is to have family around, especially in times like this. We talked a little more before he had to leave. He thanked me for the shirts, and I located my seat.

   As I watched the game, I thought about my friend and his wife It reminded me that life is about how you handle the challenges you are faced with. I had to admire their courage and strength.

   While I was driving home after I dropped Savannah off, I had a great idea. My good friend Ivan Moody had donated some gas cards to the Foundation. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them so I decided to attend the Chukars game the next night. When I got to the stadium, I located my friend. “There’s $50 worth of gas cards in here” I said as I handed him the envelope. “I hope this will help a little” I told him. His eyes filled up with tears as he said “This means so much to us. My wife told me to thank you for the shirt and your prayers. “A good friend sent those to me, and I know he would be glad to be able to help you” I said. I told him I would stay in touch, and try to help some more when I can.

   I found out two nights ago, she had surgery on Tuesday, and everything went great. The doctors are confident they removed all the cancer, and she won’t even need chemotherapy. I can’t describe the overwhelming feeling of joy this gives me. I know my Angel Shannon has a big smile on her face also. I will always LOVE AND MISS YOU sweetheart.

Next week: Foundation night at the Chukars

P.S. I want to tell Ivan what a great friend he is, even if he always beats me in our races at the Senior Games.