Foundation Night at the Chukars

   I really enjoy the nights I can have a booth at the Chukars games. I would like to thank Kevin Greene, and everyone on the Chukars staff for their hospitality and support. I would also like to thank the businesses that have donated door prizes.

   Last year I started doing a free drawing to entice people to come to my booth. It was very successful, but this year I wanted to add something fun. Since I am an expert by now on building Mini-Golf courses, I made a small one with a free prize for a Hole-In-One. I had a small sign advertising the free prize, but where my booth was located, it was hard to see the course or the sign. Justin told me the next time, we should have a lot bigger sing so people can see it. So, I guess what he is saying is “Where’s your sign” instead of “Here’s your sign.”

   When I attended previous Chukars games, I watched the ushers throw out free t-shirts and other prizes to the crowd. Everyone would stand up and cheer for them to throw it their way, just to be disappointed when they didn’t get the free prize. That is when I came up with the “Shannon Wilker Foundation Tootsie Roll Toss.” I wanted as many people as I could to get something. After all, it’s America, and we all like “Free!” Even if it’s only a Tootsie Roll. The best part was having Justin, Cassidy, and the adopted granddaughter team throwing them out to the crowd in their Shannon Wilker Foundation t-shirts. Cassidy’s shirt has “Official Granddaughter” on the back, and the other girl’s shirts say “Honorary Granddaughter.”

   It was an exceptional night for the Foundation, and I would like to thank all the people who purchased raffle tickets. Thanks to you, we will be able to supply some gas cards to cancer patients. My goal will always be to keep her memory alive, and every event like this, that many more people here about the Shannon Wilker Foundation. The best part of it all was having Justin, Cassidy, Brittney, Mike and little Jayci there. I am always happy when we can all be together. I know it’s puts a big smile on my Angel Shannon’s face. We all LOVE AND MISS YOU sweetheart.

Next week: Power of Pasco Triathlon

P.S. It’s probably because I’m old, but to me, most of the players look like they are in Junior High.