It’s Fair Time. Again!

   Ah, the Eastern Idaho State Fair. The best self-esteem program I know. And by that, I mean there are some people who help build my self-esteem, and there are people I help build their self-esteem. I believe that’s called irony.

   I decided to go down early on the first Saturday and check things out. Of course, the first thing I needed to do was get some Fair food. I went with the deep-fried trout and fries. I headed to the grandstand arena to watch the kids compete in the 4-H horse show. I enjoyed watching the kids walk, trot, and gallop their horses around. I admire the parents that have started their kids off with this program. It teaches them responsibility and commitment. You can tell the kids have put in a lot of hard work and dedication.

   From there, it was the craft building with the quilts. I always make sure that is one of the first things I do, because it was one of Shannon’s favorites. It amazes me the talent and artistic ability the people have that enter these exhibits. I also admire the patience it would take to finish one of these projects. I get frustrated folding a quilt.

   I have always enjoyed the Lady Houdini show. She is a world premier escape artist, and they travel all over the world. I encourage you to check it out next year if you haven’t seen it. During the show, I had an idea. After they finished the show, I went up and ask them if they ever do any fund-raisers. They told me that’s how they started out. We are going to see if we can work out a time for them to come to Idaho Falls, and help raise funds for the Foundation.

   Tuesday, I kept the tradition alive of taking Cassidy and Savannah to the fair. I dropped them off at the gate, and had to park the car about 5 miles away. I refuse to pay for parking! We decided to start with the rides. Savannah had taken her purse, but didn’t want to pack it around. “G-Pa, would you mind packing my purse” Savannah asked in the sweetest voice. Now, I’m secure enough in my manhood to pack my adopted granddaughter’s purse around. Besides, I’m sure it helped someone else’s self-esteem. We had a blast going on the rides, and then finished with more Fair food.

   Wednesday was the best day by far. I spent the day with my Mother-In-Law Berna Deane, Shannon’s Aunt Betty, and her Daughter-In-Law Helen. I hadn’t seen Betty for a few years, so I was excited to spend the day with her and Berna Deane. We watched the horse pulling contest, the Lady Houdini show, and went through the some of the craft buildings. We ate unhealthy, but yummy fair food, and watched a lot of self-esteem building people walk by. We got some ice cream and sat down on the bench across from the mechanical bull. Helen and I tried our hardest to convince Betty to get on the mechanical bull so we could post the picture on Facebook. We begged and pleaded, but Betty just laughed at us. Being able to spend time with these wonderful ladies gave me such a warm feeling. It made me think of my Angel Shannon, and I know she was so happy for us all to be together. We will always LOVE AND MISS YOU sweetheart.

Next week: My good friend and neighbor Grant

P.S. As we were leaving, Betty said, “If I’m here next year, I’ll get on the mechanical bull.” You are our witnesses!

P.P.S. Pop Quiz – What do we throw out to the crowd at the Chukars games?