What Today’s Women Want 2017

   First, I need to thank Kimberly and Lauren from Elite Idaho Events for allowing me to have a booth for the Foundation at these events. It has always been a rewarding experience, and I have met some wonderful people.

   About fifteen minutes after the event started, a gentleman came up to my booth. He told me he and his wife owned Bridal Fairs of East Idaho, and they were putting on an event next weekend. “Kimberly told us about your Foundation. We’d love to let you set a booth up at our event if you want to” he told me. “We admire what you’re doing, and want to help any way we can” he said. I told him I would love to, and thanked him for the opportunity.

   The booth to the left of mine was “Fostering Idaho.” They are a non-profit organization that works getting foster children into loving and supportive homes. The lady came over and asked me what kind of assistance the Foundation gives. I explained how we provide gas cards, and help with medical expenses. She told me her boss is going through chemotherapy and might need some help cleaning her house at the end of the month when she has her last treatment. I told her I would find some people and we would make sure it would get done. (If you get a call from me, you have been warned!)

   Around noon, some of the staff from the Shilo brought five trays of mini cupcakes, and put them in the empty booth to the right of mine. At first, I was sure this was done to torture me. Then, a lady from Texas Roadhouse started setting up, and I heard her tell people the cupcakes were for Happy Hour. I soon realized she was taking donations from people for breast cancer. “Why would they put us right next to each other?” I wondered. I must admit, I was a little confused and frustrated. As she was trying to get her banner put up, I volunteered to help her. She thanked me, and we introduced ourselves. She asked me about my Foundation, and I told her what we do. “That’s why they put us together” she said. She started to tell me they called her at the last minute and asked her if she would make the cupcakes and furnish the wings for the hot wing eating contest. “I told them I would if they would allow me to collect donations for breast cancer, and suggest a local charity I could give the money to” she explained. “I’m glad to be able to help a worthy cause like yours” she said. I was delighted to hear that, and felt a little bad for my first reaction. We talked about working together on different fund raisers in the future, and she is going to let me set up with her at the “Boo at the Zoo” event on the 27th.

   There were so many wonderful things that happened at this event, and I’m grateful to be part of it every year. I want to thank everyone who purchased a raffle ticket, and donated to the Foundation. I know my Angel Shannon really appreciates the help you are giving cancer patients. I will always LOVE AND MISS YOU sweetheart.

Next week: Bridal Fair

P.S. One of the guys at basketball made the comment: “I know what today’s women want. That’s why I’m not going.” I think that would apply to most of the guys at basketball.