The Arizona Trip

This week I attended the Western Equipment Dealers Association convention in Phoenix. I enjoy this convention for a few reasons. The most important reason, I get to spend time with my nephew Quinn and his family. They make me feel welcome and we have a wonderful time together. I also like the weather in Phoenix this time of year. I only had one problem. The weather was as nice in Idaho Falls when I left, as it was in Phoenix. Everyone knows you go to Phoenix in December, so you call back home and gloat about the warm weather. I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right. It’s a conspiracy.
My main goal at these conventions is networking for training opportunities. I was looking forward to talking with some old friends, and meeting some new ones. The day before the convention, I received news that one of the major projects I had been working on for next year is going to be postponed until 2019. I had really been looking forward to this project, so I was disappointed. I found myself concentrating on the disappointment, instead of looking forward.
The first morning, I was sitting at a table when a gentleman came up and asked if he could sit there. It was the new CEO of an association I had been working with. I told him I had been working with the previous CEO about dealer training. We had a very good conversation, and he wants me to contact him in March. The potential of this endorsement is Huuuge! I realized it would actually work out better to have the other project postponed for a year.
The convention was great. I had some good success networking, and catching up with old friends. But like I said, the best part was spending time with the Elzingas. We got to play some basketball, (foul-free) and soccer. We took some cookies around to some of their neighbors. We also went to Boston’s Christmas program at the school. I had so much fun, and can’t wait to go back. I want to thank Quinn, Kellie, Easton, Azme, and Boston for making me feel so special. You guys are the best, and you’re are definitely on the nice list!
The best lesson I keep learning, is to not get discouraged about things that don’t work out the way you think they should. Sometimes there is something better coming, and sometimes there isn’t. The most important thing is to enjoy family and the blessings it brings you. My Angel Shannon helps me with that all the time. I will always LOVE AND MISS YOU sweetheart.
Next week: The Foundation Night Out
P.S. I was riding the shuttle to the rental car facility when I realized I was standing in the oversized luggage space. I can’t be considered as luggage. Baggage sure, but not luggage.