Hello 2018

I want this week’s story to focus on my goals for 2018. I know, most people would go with New Year’s Resolutions, but I march to my own drummer. (He’s the one in the parade that marches inside my head. Which I am the Grand Marshal of, by the way)

Goal #1   I am going to close the deal on three big training jobs I have been working on.

One of my challenges of 2017, was getting commitments from companies on training. I was so close with three of them, and I will make it happen this year. I am blessed to have the support and encouragement from my family and friends.

Goal #2   I am going to hold a big fund raiser this summer.

   Last year, I tried to work with a company to do a run/bike event in October to raise funds for the Foundation. We tried to get things put together, but there were already too many events to compete with. This summer, I plan to do the first annual Shannon Wilker Foundation Crusade Against Cancer. I will give you more details as it gets closer, but all contestants get to dress up as their favorite super hero.

Goal #3   I am going to host several Shannon Wilker Foundation Family Fun Day

This concept came out of a conversation I was having with Lisa at the Teton Cancer Institute. We were putting together the Night Out event, and said it would be nice to try and do something in the summer. We were discussing how we should have something for the patients and their families to do together that would be fun and memorable. I told Lisa about my Dutch oven tribute lunches and the Shannon Wilker Miniature Golf Course. This is how the Family Fun Day was created. I plan to host some for the patients and their families, and then I want to host one for the employees of the Institute and the employees of the Holiday Inn Express.

   So, these are my top goals for 2018. I was told the most important thing about goals is to make them significant, but also achievable. I am confident these meet both criteria.

   Again, I want to thank my family and friends for all their love and support. I know I would never be able to achieve these goals without it. I want to thank my Angel Shannon for always being my strength and guidance. I will always LOVE AND MISS YOU sweetheart.

Next week: Bridal Fair 2018

P.S. For the readers who really wanted resolutions, here they are:

(1) I resolve to spoil my granddaughters.

(2) I resolve to foul the guys at basketball.

(3) I resolve to embarrass my family.

See, easy and achievable.