The Stories of an Angel

This week’s story is about a project I have been working on for a while now. Some of you are already aware, but for everyone else, I have been working on writing a book. I have become quite passionate about this project.

   When I first started posting these stories on the Caringbridge website, I had no intention of turning them into a book. After about a year of writing, the idea came to me about writing a book, but the original plan was to write a book on customer service. The idea of a book on customer service was always on hold, while I waited for some good training examples to use. I really wasn’t in a hurry to write the book, so I didn’t really think much about it. About a year ago, I decided to change the focus of the book from customer service to the story of our life together.

   I started the project, and decided to go back through the stories I posted, and pick out the ones I wanted to use. I wanted my book to be a chronological journey of our life together with our boys and granddaughters.

   It was enjoyable going back and reading those first stories. It took me back to the time we built those wonderful memories together. I wanted to make sure it gave the reader a good picture of our journey.

   It was important to make sure I didn’t rush things, and the timeline was accurate. I made myself a commitment to only post two stories at a time. Then, I would go back the next day so I could make the necessary changes. I didn’t give myself any deadline, so I was happy to take my time. Besides, one of my favorite sayings that I have used quite frequently is from the movie Stripes with Bill Murray. “I’m pacing myself sergeant!”

   Everything was going well, until I realized to tell this story accurately, I needed to add two more stories. “My Second Worse Day” (When we found out Shannon had breast cancer) and “My Worse Day” (When Shannon passed away.) It took me three weeks to finish these two stories.

   Even though it was hard to write these two stories, I reminded me of the bond we have together, and how these trials only helped that bond grow stronger. I am thankful for the Lords Plan of Salvation, and the knowledge that we will all be able to be with our loved ones again. I am thankful for my Angel Shannon, and grateful to know she is with her Dad and brother Joe. I will always LOVE AND MISS YOU sweetheart.

   I sent the rough draft to an editor, got it back, and have finished the rewrite. It is currently with a lady who is working on the front and back cover. If everything works out, there is a good chance it will be published this week. I’ll keep you posted.

Next week: Fundraising ideas