The Pocatello Bridal Fair

Last weekend was the Bridal Fair at the Pine Ridge Mall in Pocatello. I want to thank Chelsea Jensen and Laneige Bridal for inviting me to attend. I really appreciate the opportunity to be able to set my booth up at these events.

I had my booth set up, when a lady came up and asked me if I would help her with setting up her booth, I told her I would be happy to. She had an assortment of 8-foot-long poles that needed to be assembled. After we put it together, I told her when the event was over, I would help her take it down. She said her husband was working but was going to try and be there. I said I would check with her afterwards. She was so nice and thanked me for my help.

   I knew some of the vendors from the Bridal Fairs in Idaho Falls. I always enjoy seeing them and catching up. I also enjoy the opportunity to meet new people. It’s great to see the happiness and excitement on their faces.

   Whenever someone approaches my booth, I wait and give them a chance to look at the display before I say anything. If they seem interested, I will tell them a little about the Foundation. Two ladies walked up to the table, and one of them was looking at the sign with Shannon’s picture and the information on the raffle tickets. Before I had the chance to say anything, she asked, “Is that Shannon Lusk?” I was a little surprised at first but answered “Yes, it is.” “I went to school with her,” she replied. She then began to talk about Shannon and say how nice and kind she was. “She was always so beautiful,” she said. It was heartwarming to hear her kind words. At this point, the other lady spoke up and said “I watched the news story about the event you held for the cancer patients with the limo. That was so wonderful.” I told them how much fun and rewarding it was. As they walked away, A wonderful feeling of happiness and warmth surrounded me.

This was my first event where the venue was in a mall. You might find this hard to believe, but I’m really not a mall type person. If I have to be at a mall, I always enjoy people watching. It’s not quite as entertaining as people watching at the fair but entertaining none the less. My booth was in an ideal location, and I had several people stop and buy tickets that weren’t there for the Bridal Fair.

   When the fair was over, I got my items packed up and taken out to my vehicle. I went down to see if the lady from earlier needed any help. She told me her husband had arrived, but he could use some help tearing the assembly down. Just then her husband walked up. He was a good friend and customer I knew from John Deere. “I didn’t know a parts manager could assemble anything,” he said with a chuckle. “I know, let’s take it apart, before it falls apart.” I replied. We both laughed about it and agreed what a small world it is.

   I really had a rewarding experience, and it was great to see these couples beginning to make some wonderful memories together. It reminded me of my Angel Shannon. I will always LOVE AND MISS YOU sweetheart.

Next week: Super Bowl LII

P.S. My observation of people watching most of the kids at the mall: Remember when your Mom asked, “If your friends jumped off a cliff, would you?” Today, the kids didn’t jump off the cliff, they all walked off the edge because they were too busy looking down at their phones.