Super Bowl LII

   This years Super Bowl was one of the best in quite a while. It was exciting to watch the offense of both teams. There were some great trick plays, and it all came down to the last play of the game.

   Now, ESPN has already covered the football aspect in more detail than we needed. Is Rob Gronkowski going to retire? Why did Bill Belichick bench Malcolm Butler? Why was Chris Collingsworth so upset about the 2 Eagle touchdown calls? How much money did he lose? (Okay, those last two were mine, not ESPN.)

   So, since Shannon always liked the Super Bowl commercials, I will give you my worst and best three.


3. Stella Artois – I’m always leery of a company asking us to buy their product, because they want to bring drinking water to countries that need it. How much actually goes for the cause as compared to company profits? I wonder how much water the $5 million-dollar price of the commercial could have sent.

2. T-Mobile – The NFL wouldn’t allow a veterans group to have an ad asking people to stand for the anthem, but it was okay to air this one. Double-Standard perhaps?

1. Dodge Ram – By far the worst. With everything going on with the NFL and the National Anthem, you use Martin Luther King’s voice to sell a truck. Seriously!


3. Alexa loses her voice – I thought this was funny, especially Gordon Ramsay yelling at someone’s cooking. I’m not sure Rebel Wilson part was family appropriate, but it was funny.

2. M&M’s with Danny DeVito – How can you not laugh at Danny DeVito? They should have had him get hit with a Sunshine taxi cab. (If you don’t get that, do a YouTube search for Louie DePalma)

1. Tide ad – Well put together running concept and take off from other commercials. I thought David Harbour did an excellent job. They were funny and memorable.

   The best part of this year’s Super Bowl was the story of Nick Foles. When Carson Wentz got hurt, and he was named the starter, every sports analyst said the Eagles season was over. No one thought he would win even one playoff game. The Eagles were underdogs in every game, because no one thought Nick Foles could lead them to victory. Each game, he proved them wrong. He gave the credit for his remarkable accomplishments to his faith in God. In fact, a lot of the Eagle players credit their faith in God for the blessings in their lives.

   This story is inspiring to me, because Nick Foles was traded from the Eagles to the Rams. The Rams then released him to Kansas City. After he wasn’t picked up by Kansas City, he felt like his career was over. The Eagles then signed him up as a backup. He has said it was his faith in God that lead him to know his time would come. In fact, the head coach, and a lot of the top players gave glory to God for the win. There is a story titled “All the Glory Belongs to God: The Faith of the Super Bowl Winning Eagles.” It is definitely worth taking the time to read it.

   This is the message I received from this. Even though it’s the greatest feeling to win a big game, there is always a reward that is worth so much more. No matter how many hardships we face, the pursuit of that reward will help us through those hardships. The pursuit of that reward will help us overcome our challenges and help us become better people. I am grateful for my Angel Shannon, who gives me the strength to keep my focus on what’s important. I will always LOVE AND MISS YOU sweetheart.

Next week: Crusade Against Cancer

P.S. At least I didn’t have to watch another “Puppy, Monkey, Baby” commercial.