NBA All-Star Weekend

The NBA All-Star weekend is one of the sporting events I look forward to each year. I enjoy it more than the Super Bowl. It gets bigger and better every year. The fundraising idea I had for a basketball skill and three-point contest was based on this concept. I still plan to use this idea for a fundraiser in the future.

   My favorite event of the weekend is the three-point shooting contest. There have been some terrific players win like Craig Hodges, Steph Curry, and Klay Thompson. Of course, the best was when the Boston Celtic’s Larry Bird (Larry Legend) won three in a row in 1986, 87, & 88. (Okay, there might be a little Celtic bias in there on my part!) This year, I was cheering for Klay Thompson mainly because he’s from Washington State University, but I was glad to see Devin Booker win. Mainly because because he plays for Phoenix, and that’s where my nephew Quinn and his family lives. A big shout out to Quinn, Kellie, Easton, Azme, and Boston. My Arizona peeps!

   My Mother-In-Law Berna Deane is a major Utah Jazz fan. We were both looking forward to watching Donavan Mitchell play in the Rising Stars game and the dunk contest. I especially liked his last dunk when he wore a Vince Carter jersey, and performed the same dunk Vince Carter did when he won the contest in 2000.

   The game was much better this year than it has been for the last few years. I like the new format where the team captains from the East and West draft players. It was more competitive, and exciting to watch. This year the basketball events were good, but the part I enjoyed the most happened off the court.

Some of the players took advantage of this opportunity to remind us how much better we are as a country when we are working together. I applaud the NBA for donating funds to specific charities picked by the team captains for kids. I really admire Donovan Mitchell for his commitment to his community. After winning the dunk contest, he had hundreds of media requests for appearances. Instead, he returned to Salt Lake to host the Strikes for Kids Utah Bowling Classic.

“You’re not too big for anybody and I just wanted to go out there and at least make an impact on somebody or someone and make sure they have a good time. This is something they’ll remember,” Donovan said.

   It was nice to see these athletes giving back to their communities. I have always said the majority of the people in our country are always there to help their neighbors and community every day. We are a country of empathetic, compassionate people who are always looking out for each other. I am grateful for my Angel Shannon’s example of this. It helps guide me every day. I will always LOVE AND MISS YOU sweetheart.

Next week: Medical Transport

P.S. To the guys at basketball, fouling is my contribution. I’m improving your reflexes and increasing your threshold for pain. You’re welcome.