Girls vs. Boys

I was originally going to post a challenge for the “Stories on an Angel” book this week, but since I’m the President of my own little world, I changed my mine. This week’s story is about two different limousine events I was fortunate enough to drive for this week.

   Thursday night, I was instructed to pick up a group of girls at Eagle Rock Jr. High. It was to be a surprise for one of the girl’s birthday. I was told when I got there, the mother would give me the details for the limo ride. As I pulled into the Eagle Rock Jr. High parking lot, I thought back about how many times I had taken Cassidy to school there. It brought back a lot of great memories. I pulled up to the front of the building where 5 young ladies were standing. I got out and asked if there was someone in the group named Kenadee. At this point, all the girls were jumping up and down with excitement. Kenadee identified herself, and I wished her a Happy birthday. Then I said, “Since your birthday is so special, they made sure to send you the best limo driver!”

   I drove the girls around to get birthday balloons and hats. Then we went to different spots in town to get some pictures. It was fun to listen to them talk in the back. It reminded me of the times I drove Cassidy and the adopted granddaughters around. It was reassuring to know this group of fourteen-year old girls are facing the same critical issues Cassidy and the adopted granddaughters were facing. (Who’s going with who? Who broke up with who? Why didn’t someone respond on social media?) You know, the real critical stuff. They were a sweet group of young ladies and when I dropped them off, they all said they had a great time.

   Friday night, I was to go out to Rigby and pick up a group for a birthday party. When I got to the house, it was a group of ten high school boys. It was the same group I had taken earlier for one of the other boy’s birthday. “Do you remember us?” they asked me. I told them I did and said I was glad to get the chance to drive them again. This is where I noticed a difference between the boys and the girls. When the girls got in the limo, they all spread out and found a place to sit. When the boys got in, the all huddled by the back seat, so they could be by the window. You see, the last time I drove them the part of the ride the enjoyed the most was riding down 17th street and trying to get the attention of girls driving alongside the limo. My instructions were to take them to dinner and then drive around Idaho Falls. I asked them where they wanted to go, and they said they didn’t care. “Do you want me to drive on 17th street again so you can troll for girls?” I asked them. They all broke out laughing and agreed I knew them well. They were a nice group of boys, and I know they had a lot of fun.

The main observation I have made is this. The girls are sweet and mature, and the boys are macho and silly. The bad news is, it never changes with age. My Angel Shannon would be the first to agree with my observation. I will always LOVE AND MISS YOU sweetheart.

Next week: The Windy City

P.S. When I picked up the group of boys, I told them they were getting the best limo driver. One of them quickly replied “Where is he?” Ouch!