The Windy City Part 2

I want to share some of the other adventures I had along my trip driving the ambulance back from Chicago. I accepted the fact it would be a long, boring trip. But, thankfully it wasn’t.

   My girlfriend Kristi went to a lot of work to make it enjoyable and exciting. She put together a lot of snacks and food for the trip. She found a book at the dollar store with awkward family photos, and it was hilarious. She had some other items I was to open along the way. Then she wrapped them all up individually, with the times I was to open each one. The best thing was a scavenger hunt she put together. She gave me a list of different things I was to take a picture of, and each had a point value. The goal of the game was to reach 100 points.

   There were several items on the list, so I just want to talk about a few of them. The first was to get a picture of me with a policeman. There were about 6 of them at the Chicago airport that would have been perfect. The only problem was that was about the time the rant was going on in my head about the Uber driver that hung up on me. (See last week’s story in the journal) Probably not a good idea to approach a policeman when the look on your face says, “I’m ready to assault someone.”

   The next one was a picture of an historic site. I reached Council Bluffs Iowa and needed to get some fuel. As I was pulling off the freeway, I noticed a sign for a Lewis and Clark monument. I decided that would be my historic site picture. “This won’t take long,” I thought. I was sure I could get a quick picture of the monument, get some fuel and get back on the road. Of course, I picked the one historic site that was 6 miles away from the freeway. But I must admit, it was nice to take some time off from freeway driving. On my way to the monument, I saw the perfect opportunity for another one of the pictures I needed to take. I got the picture taken of the monument and headed back to the freeway.

   Now for the perfect picture opportunity I was talking about. On the list, a picture of a Hooters sign was worth 25 points. On my way to the monument, I past a business named Lipstix. You could tell by the picture on the sign, it was an adult club with female dancers. So, I took a picture of me smiling in front of the sign and sent it to Kristi with this message. “White Trash Hooters” 25 points! Kristi informed me I’m the only tourist that could find that kind of club in Council Bluffs Iowa.

   I must admit, normally I would have just driven as far as I could. only stopping for fuel. This hunt for pictures not only broke up the monotony of the drive, but it made the trip fun and exciting. I know Shannon is grateful I have someone that makes me happy. I will always LOVE AND MISS YOU sweetheart.

Next week: April Fools

P.S. It says a lot that someone can make driving through Iowa and Nebraska exciting.

P.P.S. I didn’t get the 25 points for the White Trash Hooters picture.