Happy Easter 2018

Question: How do you know the end of the world is almost upon us?

Answer: When someone has created and actually sells Peeps flavored beer. I mean seriously, what’s next? Cotton candy whiskey? This is what will bring the zombie apocalypse I’m posotive.

   Okay, before I get in to the Easter part of the story, a quick word about the limousine job I had Wednesday night. It was a bachelorette party for some college girls at BYU-Idaho. I appreciate the sympathy I am feeling from all of you right now, but hey, someone had to do it, right? They came out to get a picture and they were wearing black t-shirts with “Just Crazy” printed in gold letters. “Do you like our shirts?” they asked. “Yes, I do, but it kind of scares me a little if I’m being honest,” I replied jokingly. They had me drive around the campus, so the girls could shout at the boys. At one point, the girl getting married was instructed to ask as many boys as she could if they wanted to marry her. There were three boys walking together, and she asked them “Hey, do you guys want to marry me?” The girls all broke out laughing as we drove away. I couldn’t help myself. “You realize that’s reverse polygamy, right?” I said. They were an entertaining group and it was a lot of fun.

   Today is a special day. It is the LDS General Conference session, Easter, and April Fool’s Day. There are a lot of different April Fool’s jokes I would like to play on some of the members of my church, but I’m wise enough to keep them to myself. No sense risking getting hit by a bolt of lightning at this point.

   Seriously, I do want to say that I have really learned to appreciate the true meaning of Easter over the past few years. I am humbled by the ultimate sacrifice of our Savior. I am blessed for the opportunity we have to be forgiven of our sins. Most of all, I am ever so grateful for the opportunity we have to be reunited with our loved ones.

   I hope everyone is enjoying this special day and making great memories with your families. I want to thank my Angel Shannon for always watching out for us. I will always LOVE AND MISS YOU sweetheart.

Next week: Thank you City of Ririe

P.S. I am happy to report girls can be as silly as boys when they’re riding in a limo.