Edwards Theater Event

This week’s story is about an idea I had for promoting the Crusade Against Cancer fundraiser on June 9. (If you haven’t signed up, there is still time to register today and be eligible for one of the many free door prizes we will be giving away!)

   Since the event has a Superhero theme, I thought it would be fun to have people dress up in Superhero costumes and pass out flyers in front of Edwards theater. The idea was to target people coming to watch The Avenger’s and new Deadpool movie. That’s genius right!? I know, sometimes I even amaze myself.

   I worked it out with the manager at Edwards, and he said it was okay to hand out flyers outside the front entrance. Now it was time to find some Superheroes to help. Before I started that project, I needed to decide what my Superhero identity would be. Since I am such a “Super” person myself, (Okay, in MY mind at least) I thought I could go as Superman. My wonderful sister Patty had a great idea and told me I needed to go as a Marvel comics character. At that point the choice was obvious. My Superhero identity needed to be Star Lord.

   After a few phone calls, I had my team lined up and ready to go. I would like to let you know who they are and thank them. So, a HUUUGE thank you to: My girlfriend Kristi Richardson (Wonder Woman) Todd Brown (Superman) Nate Esplin (Captain America) Kayla Esplin (Black Widow) Emmitt Esplin (Thor) and Kamryn Esplin (Super Girl) And another HUUUGE thank you to Cassidy and the adopted granddaughter team who all had the Crusade Against Cancer t-shirts.

We got everything set up and started handing out flyers at 6:30. I should say everyone else started handing out flyers. After all, I’m Star Lord and I’m the Captain. My job was to walk around giving orders and listen to music on my Walkman. (I feel bad now I didn’t keep the cassette tapes I had from the 70’s)

   It was a great night and I couldn’t help watching how many young boys stopped to get a flyer from the adopted granddaughter team. It was also fun to watch Nates kids handing out as many flyers to everyone they could. As I was watching them hand out flyers, I realized how lucky and grateful I am to have these people in my life. I am truly blessed. I know my Angel Shannon has a big smile on her face. I will always LOVE AND MISS YOU sweetheart.

Next week: Limo trip to Jackson

P.S. No I never thought I should be Groot!