New Foundation Opportunity

   I have been taking around posters to many different businesses to advertise the Bikers for Boobs fundraiser this weekend. I want to thank these businesses for all their support. This week’s story is about my experience with the Indian motorcycle dealership.

   I walked in with the poster and was impressed with how great the showroom looked. A gentleman came out of his office and asked me if he could help me. I told him about the fundraiser and asked if I could put up a poster. He was very friendly and showed me the best place to display the poster. He asked me a little more about the fundraiser. I always enjoy any chance to explain the Foundation and its purpose. We had a nice talk about my event, and then he told me their dealership was also doing a fundraiser. “We’re selling raffle tickets for an Indian Scout motorcycle for breast cancer awareness,” he said. I told him how much I admired them for doing that and thanked him for letting me put up my poster.

   A few days later, Lisa sent me an email with an attachment of the Indian motorcycle fundraiser. letting me know the gentleman that owns the Indian motorcycle dealership is Dr. Todd Williams. She told him about my Foundation, and he liked the idea that the funds stay in the community. “We should get you both together and see what you can put together,” her email said. I asked her if she could tell me the best way to contact him, and she gave me Greg Morgan’s name and information. “Greg’s the person you will want to talk to,” she said. I thanked her and told her I would contact him.

   The next day, I went down to the dealership to talk with Greg and Tish. I told him about the Foundation and some of the different events we have done. I explained how I work with Teton Cancer Institute and make sure all the funds go directly to local cancer patients. Tish told me she knew about the Night Out event we did for the cancer patients with the limo. We had a great conversation, and he invited me to come and talk to the rest of management and the rider group that was meeting on Thursday night.

   I arrived at the meeting and was able to meet with some of the staff and members of the rider group. Greg introduced me and asked me to tell everyone about the Foundation, and some of the different events I have done. I explained how the Foundation was created to keep Shannon’s memory alive and directly help local cancer patients. I told them if they decided to donate the proceeds to the Foundation, I would ask them to choose 4 cancer patients for the money to go to. I didn’t want to take up any more time, so I thanked them for giving me the opportunity to speak to them. Before I could sit down, Tish asked me to tell them about the night out event. I told them about that night and how it was one of the most rewarding nights of my life.

   At this point, Greg said that it was time to vote on donating the money to the Foundation. “All those in favor of donating the proceeds to the Shannon Wilker Foundation raise your hand,” he said. Everyone I could see, raised their hand. I was so happy. “All those opposed, raise your hand,” Greg said. A gentleman sitting directly behind me raised his hand. “Well, we can’t have it be unanimous!” he said laughing. Everybody laughed, and I turned around in my chair. “I like this guy! Usually I’m the troublemaker!” I said laughingly as I shook his hand.

   I drove home that night with a feeling of satisfaction and gratefulness. I am so happy with the recognition the Foundation is starting to get. I want to thank Lisa and Greg for all their help and support. I know my Angel Shannon appreciates them as well. I will always LOVE AND MISS YOU sweetheart.

Next week: Bikers for Boobs results

P.S. Maybe I should buy a motorcycle. They could call me “Cheesy Rider” Get it? Because my jokes are so cheesy! I’m hilarious.