Bikers for Boobs Results

   I need to start this week’s story by thanking all the sponsors and bikers that made this event the success it was. I want to thank Chelsea and Jeremy Jensen for all their hard work putting this together and getting the word out in the community.

   When we first decided to put this together, I reached out to Portneuf Medical Center to tell them about the fundraiser. I contacted the person we worked with last year with the Night Out limo event. I explained how we wanted to donate all the money we raise to Pocatello cancer patients. Then I asked him who I needed to talk to about getting Portneuf Medical Center to be our main sponsor. He gave me the name of the person, and after leaving four voice messages, he finally got back with me. The best way to describe Portneuf Medical Center’s interest in this event was mediocre at best. We decided to go with other local sponsors and have them help us identify the cancer patients we wanted to help.

   Since this was the first time for this event, I was very pleased with the turnout we had. I got the chance to meet a lot of the bikers before they left. Everyone was happy to be able to support the event and was glad the money was going to local cancer patients.

   The last stop was at Rumors Pub in Pocatello. I got there early so I could set up all the raffle prizes and put up the signs for our sponsors. Everyone was very helpful, and they had a terrific meal prepared for bikers. I was pleased how well the day had gone so far.

   After everyone arrived at Rumors, I got up and told them about the Foundation and its purpose. I thanked them for their support and told them we are going to hold this event every year at the same time. I invited them to come back next year and let their friends know about it. We told everyone to get some food, and then we would draw for the raffle prizes and announce the winners of the poker game. Rumors had prepared barbeque ribs and homemade potato salad, and everyone commented on how delicious it was.

   We drew for all the raffle prizes, which took a while because we had so many. It was fun announcing the winners and watching everybody give each other a hard time. Now it was time to announce the winners of the poker game. We gave away a cash prize for the top three poker hands and the lowest poker hand. The greatest part of all was when two of the winners came up to me afterwards and donated the money back to the Foundation. That actually brought tears to my eyes.

   There were a lot of inspirational moments from this event, but I think the main one I take away from this is something I have always said. Our country isn’t made up of people who are always trying to divide us. Our country is made up of people from all walks of life that care about their community and are willing to help anyone and everyone when they can. I probably wouldn’t have met some of these people without this event. I am proud and honored to call them my friends. I know my Angel Shannon is grateful to them as well. I will always LOVE AND MISS YOU sweetheart.

Next week: Limo Ride #5 (I have some many limo stories, I’m just going to start numbering them)

P.S. I’m seriously thinking about riding next year. Watch out everyone, here comes Cheesy Rider.