The Real Reward

   This has been a very rewarding week. I will start with the Bikers for Boobs fundraiser recipients. I had been working with Jan from Pocatello Cycle to get everyone together. It finally worked out that we could all meet at Pocatello Cycle on Thursday. When I walked into the store, one of the recipients was already there. He was a nice young man and had his family there with him. I walked over and introduced myself. He said he had been looking forward to meeting me and was so grateful for the help. I told him I was more than happy to help. I told them about the fundraiser and how much fun it was. While we were waiting for the other recipient to show up, I was inspired by the strength and determination of this young man and his family. We were talking about the Foundation when I noticed a young woman pull up outside. “I think this is the other recipient,” I said. I walked out to the car and asked, “Are you Jill?” “Yes, I am. And you must be Shane,” she replied. I told her I was glad she could make it, and we went into the store. We listened to her ordeal as she told us about the five surgeries she has gone through, and how she needs to go in for another surgery in a month. I was moved by her positive attitude and strength.

   I asked them if we could take the pictures first, and then I wanted to give them the funds we had for them. First, I went out to my car and brought everyone a SWF t-shirt to wear. We had several pictures taken, and everyone looked great in their t-shirts. While I was standing there, an overwhelming feeling came over me like I had never felt before. I want to say complete fulfillment, but it was so much deeper than that. I gave them each a check for the funds, and also a $25 gas card and $25 debit card. They both got tears in their eyes and that made me tear up as well. This was an inexpressibly rewarding moment for me. Before I continue, I want to make it clear that all the wonderful, generous people and business’s who participated and donated to this event deserve all the credit for making this possible. I am simply the man who gets the honor and privilege of getting the funds where they need to go. To be able to experience this feeling is the Real Reward.

   The next day, I received a call from a lady that got my number from Teton Cancer Institute. She told me she works at a place called Sometimes I Sew, and they had recently finished a charity auction. “We have heard about the great work you are doing, and want to donate the proceeds to your Foundation,” she said. I was astonished and humbled to hear that news. I told them how thankful I was and made arrangements to meet up with them.

   I am so grateful to everyone that is helping the Foundation and want you all to know how much I appreciate all you do. I know my Angel Shannon is grateful as well. I will always LOVE AND MISS YOU sweetheart.

Next Week: The SWF Day Off

P.S. Every time I give someone a SWF t-shirt, I have to remind them it falls under the “I’m a good guy!” umbrella. Not the “Free Advertising!” umbrella.